The Steepest Highway in Nevada is Most Terrifyingly Treacherous Path

Nevada is situated within the Great Basin, a western United States natural feature that supplies water to the nation’s core. Technically speaking, this assemblage of basins is dispersed throughout the mountainous regions to the north and south and does not comprise a single expansive basin. Due to these mountainous regions, Nevada is the most mountainous state in the United States. As a result, Nevada is replete with numerous precipitous roads. However, which highway is the highest in the state?

The Steepest Highway in Nevada

State Route 342 is the highest thoroughfare in Nevada. NV 342 connects Virginia City and Silver City via the Virginia Mountains of Nevada. The road traverses Gold Hill from Virginia City at a 15% grade, representing the most arduous section. Greiner’s Bend refers to an exceptionally precipitous and winding segment of this path. Due to the 15-mile-per-hour speed limit through these turns, that speed may appear excessive. NV 342 is the quickest route between Virginia City and Silver City. A extended duration is required to traverse Route 341.

Route 342 can be found 8 miles southeast of Reno and 7 miles northeast of Carson City, Nevada. It ascends the Virginia Range Mountains, which traverse the counties of Storey and Lyon.

Longer Replacement for NV 342

Although NV 342 offers the shortest distance between Silver City and Virginia City, it is not recommended for vehicles due to the steep 15% ascent and the turn at Greiner’s Bend. In response to the issue, Nevada constructed State Route 341, thereby prolonging the ascent. Due to the inaccessibility of NV 342, vehicles are compelled to utilize an extended route in order to travel between two locations.

Animals in the vicinity of NV 342

The desert bighorn sheep, the official animal of the province, once inhabited the entire region. In Nevada, they were once believed to be extinct, but they have recently been reintroduced. Although they are most prevalent in the eastern region of Nevada, sightings are beginning to increase in the western portion of the state, particularly in the vicinity of Route 342.

The region is home to various mammalian species, including the North American porcupine, black-tailed jackrabbit, and fox. Predators include the mountain lion, the bobcat, the North American black bear, and the gray fox. The atmosphere is observed by the golden eagle, the osprey, and the red-tailed hawk. Birds that inhabit the region include the California scrub-jay, the mountain chickadee, and the diminutive goldfinch. Additionally, one might encounter reptiles and serpents such as the desert-horned lizard, the gopher snake, the coachwhip, and the yellow-backed spiny lizard.

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