The Most Dangerous Cities in Georgia: A List of High-Crime Areas

The state of Georgia is rapidly expanding, with about 100,000 new people moving there year. The state attracts a lot of people because of its pleasantr climate, reasonably priced housing, and mouthwatering southern food.

But deciding where to go is a difficult process that requires careful planning. Knowing which are Georgia’s 10 most hazardous cities is essential if you want to prioritize safety. You should also think twice before moving there.

Georgia’s Top 7 Most Dangerous Cities

1. College Park

With 35,000 residents, College Park is thought to be the most dangerous city in Georgia. Violent crime rates there are 7,909 per 100,000 people, which puts it 228% safer than the state average.

The crime rate in 2022 was so high that residents had a one in seven risk of becoming victims of any kind of crime. The bulk of instances were property crimes, with violent crimes remaining comparatively rare.

Even though College Park was ranked as the most dangerous location to live in Georgia in 2023, the city is presently implementing several redevelopment projects that will improve both its safety and vitality.

2. East Point

East Point has a crime rate that is 465% greater than the national average, making it one of the riskiest communities in Georgia. There are 1 in 68 people living in this city, which has a population of just over 35,000, who could become victims of violent crime.

In East Point, there were 3,741 property crimes and 545 violent crime offenses recorded in 2022. Compared to violent crimes, property crimes are much more common; one in ten people will become victims of property crime.

3. Cordele

Another of Georgia’s most deadly cities is Cordele. It is home to 11,147 people and is located in Crisp County. The crime rate in the city exceeds the state average by 133%.

In terms of both property crime and homicide rates in Georgia in 2012, Cordele came in fourth place. Regretfully, there hasn’t been much of an improvement in the crime rate lately. The likelihood of becoming a victim of any kind of crime is 1 in 11 for Cordele residents.

4. Jesup

With 9,800 residents, Jesup has a crime rate of 5,774 per 100,000. This indicates that the city’s crime rate is 140% greater than Georgia’s average.

There were 406 recorded incidences of property crime and 46 violent crime incidents in 2021. Poverty and a lack of chances are two reasons that contribute to Jesup’s high crime rate.

5. The Douglasville

The population of Douglasville, which is in Douglas County, is 34,650. With 5,775 crimes committed against every 100,000 residents, Douglasville is 140% more dangerous than the state as a whole.

Douglasville saw 1,792 incidences of property crimes and 195 cases of violent crimes in 2021. In the city, there is a 1 in 18 chance of becoming a victim of crime. Gang involvement inside the community is mostly to blame for the high occurrence of violent crimes.

6. Griffin

With 23,478 residents, Griffin has a crime rate of 5,919 per 100,000. Griffin is 146% more dangerous than other Georgian cities, and its citizens have a 1 in 17 chance of becoming victims of any kind of crime.

Twenty-one murders, fifteen break-ins, and 213 assaults occurred in Griffin in 2021, ranking the city among the most dangerous in Georgia. There is a 1 in 21 chance of experiencing a property crime.

7. Brunswick

One of the riskiest areas of Georgia to reside is Brunswick, which is located in Glynn County close to the shore. With 15,210 residents, the city’s crime rate is 42% greater than the national average.

In Brunswick, there is a 1 in 24 probability of becoming a victim of criminal activity. There were 637 recorded property crimes and 202 recorded violent crimes in the region in 2022. Brunswick’s near proximity to coastal ports is the primary reason it remains a thriving economic center, even with these alarming figures.