The Biggest McDonalds in the World Is Right Here In Florida

Orlando, Florida, a city already famous for its theme parks and dining options, is home to a unique attraction that stands out even in this city of wonders: the world’s largest McDonald’s. Known as the Epic McD, this McDonald’s is not only a testament to the brand’s global appeal but also an embodiment of innovation and entertainment.

Location and Design

Strategically located at the intersection of International Drive and Sand Lake Drive, two of Orlando’s busiest thoroughfares, Epic McD is at the epicenter of the city’s tourist scene. Its proximity to major attractions like Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando International Premium Outlets, and the Orlando Convention Center makes it a convenient stop for families, shoppers, and business travelers alike​​.

The architectural design of Epic McD is a sight to behold. The modern, glass-encased structure with sleek lines and expansive windows stands out among its surroundings. The building, covering a massive 19,000 square feet, is designed to accommodate a variety of dining and entertainment spaces without feeling crowded​​.

Culinary Experience

Epic McD isn’t just bigger in size; it also boasts a more extensive menu than your typical McDonald’s. It diverges from the brand’s standardization by offering items like pizza, made in a real pizza oven, pastas, Philly cheesesteaks, waffles, and omelets. The food is served on real plates, adding to the unique dining experience​​​​​​.

Technological Innovation

Ordering food at Epic McD is a high-tech experience. Large-screened kiosks display an extensive array of choices, making the selection process easy and fun, especially for kids who might be indecisive​​.

Entertainment Galore

The PlayPlace at Epic McD is a marvel in itself, featuring a massive system of tubes and slides, a kid-sized hamster wheel, and over 100 arcade games. These include classic favorites like skee-ball and numerous new games, ensuring that both children and adults have plenty of entertainment options​​.

Open Kitchen Concept

Adding to the unique experience is the open-kitchen concept. Here, visitors can watch chefs prepare a variety of dishes, from custom-made pizzas to gourmet pastas. This interactive approach not only adds drama to the dining experience but also makes every visit an unforgettable adventure​​.


The world’s largest McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida, is more than just a fast-food restaurant; it’s a destination in itself. With its strategic location, unique architectural design, extensive and varied menu, high-tech ordering system, and a plethora of entertainment options, Epic McD lives up to its nickname. It promises a dining experience so memorable that it leaves a lasting impression, drawing both locals and tourists back for more​​.

Whether you’re a fast-food aficionado or simply looking for a unique dining and entertainment experience, the Epic McD in Orlando is a must-visit destination that redefines the very concept of a McDonald’s restaurant.