Daughter Stabbed Mother To Death; Streamed Live On Facebook

The San Rafael Police Department reports that a San Rafael lady fatally stabbed her 55-year-old mother on Monday and that she broadcasted the incident on Facebook Live.

Around 5 p.m. on January 8, San Rafael police and paramedics from the San Rafael Fire Department responded to a complaint of a dispute and probable stabbing at a Terra Linda apartment complex.

When police arrived, they went to the balcony of an apartment building, where they observed a woman with a knife in her hand standing next to a female victim who had been stabbed. The stabbed woman was completely soaked in blood. According to authorities, they approached the knife-yielding woman from the balcony.

After entering the residence, the police officers discovered a 55-year-old lady with multiple stab wounds. The victim was taken to the hospital immediately but she was declared dead soon after in the hospital.

The authorities arrested the daughter, Tonantzyn Oris Beltran, 28. Beltran posted a Facebook Live feed of the event, per the police investigation. To get the video removed, the investigators worked with Facebook and Meta. Investigators added that witnesses to the deadly broadcast got in touch with them and reported the incident.

Beltran has recently created content for a number of social media networks, according to additional research. One of Beltran’s videos, which was discovered by SRPD officers, showed her in the Santa Rosa Police Department lobby on January 8, the day of the stabbing.

According to San Rafael Police, it is collaborating with Santa Rosa Police on this aspect of the inquiry. The authorities have not revealed the victim’s identity. An investigation has been launched by the authorities to look into the matter.