The Art of More- Season 3

the art of more season 3


This drama looks beneath the beautiful facades of New York’s high-end auction houses, exposing the dirty and unscrupulous side of the industry. Not only affluent collectors and merchants are involved in the purchase of desirable objects, but so are hustlers, smugglers, and even terrorists.


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The second season of Crackle’s The Art of More TV program begins production on May 2nd. Season two of this drama, situated in the realm of art auctions, will be shot in Montreal.

Dennis Quaid, Kate Bosworth, Christian Cooke, and Cary Elwes feature in The Art of More. The second season is expected to premiere on Crackle in late 2016 or early 2017.

The Art of More uncovers the sleazy, greedy side of the art world beneath the beautiful facades of New York’s top auction houses. Acquiring valuable items requires not just wealthy collectors and merchants, but also hustlers, smugglers, and even terrorists.

The 10-episode, one-hour original drama series aired in November to critical acclaim from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Deadline, and Entertainment Weekly. “The #1 Best New Fall TV Show,” according to Harper’s Bazaar. The auction house drama returns in the fourth quarter of this year for another 10-episode season of twists and intricate tales set in the glitzy and shockingly ruthless world of New York City’s premium auction houses.

Have a Look on the Cast-

Graham Connor (Christian Cooke), a street-smart former soldier, uses smuggling ring contacts gained during his Iraq tour of duty to leave behind his blue-collar Bensonhurst past for his dream job at Parke-Mason. Connor, a rookie dealer, becomes the newest golden boy in this dazzling society after his involvement in a huge transaction. The past comes back to bite him severely.

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Samuel Brukner (Dennis Quaid), a seductive and manipulative millionaire real estate developer with political ambitions, is a clever power broker. Brukner, who is as frightening as he is charming, is not beyond corruption, especially when it comes to his bottom line.

Connor must separate himself from the competitors in order to sign Brukner as a customer. When he learns of the shady origins of parts of Brukner’s collection, he doesn’t blink. Failure to land Brukner would damage Connor’s freshly acquired luster.

the art of more season 3

Arthur Davenport (Cary Elwes), an eccentric, clever, and aristocratic collector, owns a world-class collection of art and clandestine artifacts. Connor threatens to sell his less-than-legal ownership of some components in order to sign Davenport. The two become unusual allies, and Davenport teaches Connor, who lost his father when he was a child.

Roxanna Whitman (Kate Bosworth) is the CEO of the prominent auction company DeGraaf. Whitman, a native of this exclusive milieu, is preoccupied with proving herself. Her interactions with Brukner go beyond business. Whitman is everything Connor is not because of her family, education, and insider status.

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Graham is struggling to rebuild his life in the aftermath of the FBI operation. Roxanna receives a surprising offer from DeGraaf’s, but she is unable to escape her transgressions. Brukner’s museum contract is in jeopardy. Davenport and Graham forge a new alliance, but Graham’s unwillingness to let go of the past leads to a violent confrontation.

the art of more season 3

Not sure about the releasing of the season 3 of The Art of More, will enlighten you soon.

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