Dark Desire Season 2 Ending, Explained: Who Killed Julieta?

The contagious Spanish-original erotic thriller series ‘Dark Desire’ takes audiences to an uncanny realm under the direction of Leticia López Margalli. Alma Quintana’s life takes a turn for the worse after meeting Dario Guerra. The steamy and scandalous story is equally perplexing, and the characters’ masks make it even more difficult to decipher. The enticing sex scenes and the story’s psychoanalytic underbelly keep the audience interested, while the complex characters propel the drama. Following the whisper of the heart frequently leads to dark alleys of passion, but is there a way back for Alma? Or will she “never be able to escape something like this”? Let us decode the cautionary tale’s underwhelming ending. SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Dark Desire Season 2 Recap

The tables have turned yet again in the second season. You may recall Esteban saying in the first installment’s season finale that he had done it all. The story picks up with Esteban and Dario’s conversation in New York, and we see that Esteban initially appointed Dario to meet Alma, baiting him with $50,000. Esteban was also sentenced to prison, but he was released three months later due to orders from higher authorities. Meanwhile, he has survived a church shooting using the bible as a shield, which has taught him to respect God. Esteban and Alma have both quit smoking and drinking.

dark desire season 2

Esteban escapes from prison and meets Zoe, who finds him shelter in Karina’s apartment. Alma’s PTSD worsens, and she continues to see Dario in her dreams. Alma, who is tormented, ends up in a support group led by Monica, where she meets another woman named Lys Antoine. Lys tells the group about the Eros and Psyche myth, and how Eros’ seduction trapped Psyche in a realm of confusion. Alma immediately assumes that Esteban or Dario set her up. Lys later admits to having had a turbulent relationship with Dario.

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Dario marries Julieta, and Alma receives an invitation to their wedding. Alma later warns Julieta about Dario’s sinister past, but Dario catches a glimpse of Alma and flees. Alma later attends Dario’s bachelorette party. Julieta Lazcano is the daughter of Dario’s family friend, Inigo Lazcano. As a result, the marriage has been in the books for quite some time, but Alma attempts to persuade Julieta that she and Dario are lovers. Dario intends to flee with Alma because circumstances have changed since her appearance in the photograph. They mate, but Dario leaves when he receives a text from Julieta.

dark desire season 2

Esteban and Montano’s conviction implicates Dario in the murder, while Alma continues to believe Dario is innocent. Meanwhile, Dario may not be who they think he is, or he may have a doppelgänger. Leonardo attempts to warn Inigo about Dario, but he is more knowledgeable about Dario’s past than Leonardo. It is eventually revealed that Dario is the nephew of Lys, Alberto’s wife, though Dario refers to her as his “mother.” Since the police discovered benzodiazepines in Julieta’s body, the focus shifts to Alma. The drug is used to treat stress and may have belonged to Alma. They discover Julieta’s phone, which contains a compromising video of Dario and Alma. Alma and Dario try to locate Lucinda’s suitcase, but Esteban stages a ruse.

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While Alma suspects Esteban of the murder because he was present at the scene, their suspicions are eventually dispelled. New footage from Julieta’s bachelorette party shows Alma and Dario on the rooftop, with a blue light indicating another person. Lys was the one who went to deliver the wedding gown while posing as Beatriz and possibly sent the video to Julieta’s phone. Dario departs with Lys, while Alma enters Dario’s room and discovers a disturbing video. Dario was having sex with Lys on his 18th birthday, and Alberto caught them in the act.

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While the video ends there, flashbacks show Dario fleeing for his life, but Alberto caught up with him halfway. Alberto intended to shoot Dario, his nephew and adopted son, but Lys first shot Alberto. Following that, Lys and Dr. Gorrea poisoned Alberto to death. Following the murder, Lys planned to flee to Paris with Dario, but Dario betrayed her and robbed her chest. In the present, Alma is becoming increasingly perplexed as reality crumbles beneath her feet. Dario tries to persuade Alma that someone, possibly Lys, is using his identity to steal his fortune. Meanwhile, Alma’s “doppelgänger” breaks into her apartment and attacks her.

dark desire season 2

Lys was in the party, according to new footage, and Alma realizes Lys’s role in the story. After all, they find Lucinda’s suitcase, and a photo shows Lucinda giving birth to twins, which we later learn is a hoax. Zoe’s relationship with Karina falls apart after she sleeps with Mauricio. Esteban and Montano also see the imposter Dario, Mark Jennings. Tracing Mark Jennings’ identity reveals a case of identity theft. Esteban gathers everyone to hear Lys’s story. She is imprisoned as a result of the incriminating evidence. But the killer is revealed in the finale, and it is not Lys.

Dark Desire Season 2 Ending: Who Is The Killer?

Alma eventually realizes that Dario is the murderer. Dario’s lies are gradually coming to light at this point. As much as he is a manipulator, the doppelganger story begins to show cracks and fissures. Dario later admits to Alma that he made up the twin brother to avoid Lys. He has also withdrawn funds from his Andorra account, believing Lys will defraud him. However, Lys’ final confession to Alma reveals that Dario stole her money. She also admits that Dario forced her to kill Alberto and warns Alma to flee the fiend while she still can.

dark desire season 2

Alma ends up on the same rooftop where Julieta jumped, calling Dario with a voice changer. Dario goes to the rooftop to find Esteban in the neighboring building after she accuses him of murdering Julieta. He goes into the other building in search of Esteban, but instead finds Alma. Until Alma injects the truth serum into him, Dario maintains that it was a conspiracy by Alma (a classic case of victim-blaming). Even as twisted as he is, Dario refuses to confess the truth, but telltale signs remain. Julieta threatened to tell Inigo about Dario’s affair with Alma, and Dario refused to let her. Because Lys had already drugged Julieta, throwing her off the terrace was simple.

Is Dario Dead or Alive?

Finally, when cornered, Dario reveals his true colors. He pins Alma to the ground and begins to injure her. Fortunately, Esteban arrives early and shoots Dario down. Dario recovers from his bullet wound. He appears to do so and ends up in a hospital. Alma brings a balloon, similar to the one Dario brought to Alma’s anniversary in the first season. The balloon has a middle finger drawn on it, and despite the fact that Dario is alive, his hands are still cuffed. While Lys does not appear to be released, Dario is imprisoned. You’re curious about what happens to Dario’s money. Perhaps Inigo has something to do with it, but nothing can compensate for his loss of his daughter.

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