Texas Independent School District Closed After Increasing Flu Cases in Students & Staff

Weatherford, TX: A school district in North Texas has decided to close for the remainder of the week due to an illness that has affected both students and staff members.

Garner ISD in Weatherford has announced the closure due to a significant number of sick students and staff members.

The school district will be closed from Wednesday, Jan. 24 until Monday, Jan. 29.

According to Garner ISD Superintendent Rebecca Hallmark, the district currently has a student population of nearly 370.

“Any day that is 10% less students in attendance than the average daily attendance of the prior year, you really start looking at wavering that day for attendance because we’re paid based on attendance,” she explained.

Hallmark is taking proactive measures to ensure the health and safety of students and staff, as well as maintain a clean environment for the district.

According to Hallmark, an additional 30 students were sent home by 2 p.m. on Tuesday. According to her, the majority of symptoms experienced were fever and headaches. There has been a report on the diagnosis of the flu.

“The availability of staff is what truly impacts our ability to remain open,” she stated. “Because teachers also have children of their own.” Parents who are professionals also have children here. They are required to return to their homes.

Hallmark’s policy requires a minimum of one adult for every 20 children.

“Occasionally, it is possible to bring certain groups together.” “However, at that stage, the illness begins to spread,” she remarked.

Hallmark has indicated that the fate of this week’s JV boys basketball tournament hinges on the number of unwell individuals.

“Playing a district game is a must if you have a sufficient number of players to participate.” “You really can’t make that determination until the day of,” she stated.

Parents are urged to ensure that their children stay at home if they are unwell and should only allow them to return once they have been free of fever for a full day.

Garner Baptist Church is going the extra mile by providing a food pantry for families affected by the school closure.

Another Texas school has been forced to close due to illness, joining Garner ISD.

Due to a high number of illnesses, Olney ISD, located approximately 50 miles south of Wichita Falls, was forced to close its doors on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Flu cases at Children’s Health hospitals experienced a significant increase of 40% during the week of January 14.

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