Teen Brutally Assaulted by Friend and her Mother; Duo Sentenced in Pennsylvania after Break-in: Authorities

It was decided on Friday that two women broke into a house in Lancaster Township and beat up a teenager.

Jajaira Ramirez, 38, and Najee Ramirez, 26, were two of four people involved in the event on August 11, 2022, in the 800 block of Sterling Place, according to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office.

The DA said that Jajaira’s teenage daughter had a fight with a friend, and that Jajaira and Najee then told the teens to use violence to settle the matter.

At the trial on Friday, evidence showed that the suspects sat outside of the victims’ house and yelled at the victims, who were sitting at a second-story window.

The defendants broke into the victims’ home, ran up the stairs, and attacked the teenager when the fight got worse, the DA said.

The prosecutors showed proof that Jajaira sent threatening voice messages to the mother of the young victim through Facebook before the attack.

Jajaira and Najee were found guilty of burglary, bribery of children, and simple assault on Friday.

At Friday’s trial, Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Lapp said, “Not only did the defendants break into the victims’ home and start a series of fights inside, but they also intentionally targeted two teenage girls.” “Their behavior was especially bad because they used their own daughter to commit the crime and made the victim’s daughter the target of the attack.”

To the DA’s knowledge, Jajaira is free on $50,000 bail, and Najee has been issued an arrest warrant because she failed to show up for her trial or bail hearing.

In youth court, Jajaira’s teenage daughter got her own case over with.

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