11-year-old Girl Inappropriately Touched by Man; said He is Gay when Cops Arrested Him in Indiana

A guy from Zionsville has been charged with touching a child inappropriately earlier this month at an event.

The charges against 51-year-old Jeffrey Alexander were brought in Boone County court on Monday. They include one count of child molesting where the defendent is at least 21 years old, which is a Level 1 felony.

For this, Alexander told police that he had been convicted of child molestation in Montgomery County when he was 18 years old for an incident with a kid.

Court papers say Alexander touched a minor inappropriately on May 7 while she was staying at his home in Zionsville. The child told cops that Alexander had touched her inappropriately more than once. She said it started when she was 11 or 12 years old.

The girl told the cops that Alexander touched her inappropriately every time she came over to his house. The girl also told the cops that Alexander made her touch him in a bad way.

It is said that the child told her mother about what happened, and the mother called the Department of Child Services to start an investigation.

Alexander told cops, “that is disgusting,” “he likes men” and “does not find women attractive,” when they asked him if he had touched the child inappropriately. Alexander said that family members of the child were telling her to say those things.

Alexander was given a bond of $80,000, which is a lot more than the usual amount. The court papers said Alexander’s pre-trial meeting is set for July 17, and the jury trial is set for September 3.

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