Teacher arrested she gave hickeys to a middle school student in Florida

Miami, FL: A Broward middle school teacher was apprehended on Wednesday for reportedly engaging in “inappropriate contact” with a female pupil, as stated by officials.

Felicia Smith, 38, was apprehended by Hollywood police for sexual and lascivious molestation and lewd and lascivious battery.

As per a police department news release, Smith is a teacher at Driftwood Middle School, situated at 2751 N. 70th Terrace.

She is identified as a language arts instructor on the school website.

Police were informed of the accusations on Wednesday. Smith confessed to officers that she and the student established a “maternal relationship” at the start of the year.

Authorities stated that she confessed to kissing the student at the school premises. As per her arrest report, Smith kissed the pupil on the cheek so intensely that it resulted in a hickey.

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The child’s legal guardian informed the police that the student first said she was hit in the face with a football. However, when he contacted the school to inquire about the incident, he was informed that the daughter was not in physical education class that day but was with Smith.

The youngster missed her physical education lesson for several weeks to attend Smith’s classroom, as stated in Smith’s arrest report.

Police reported that Smith apologized to the girl’s guardian over the phone, stating that the victim had mentioned facing problems at home, leading her to assume it would be beneficial for the kid to confide in her.

The report stated that the girl’s guardian thought the mark on her cheek looked like a hickey and later discovered another one on her neck.

At home, the victim confessed to her guardian that the mark on her was a hickey delivered by Smith, causing her to cry, as reported by officials.

The man promptly returned the victim to school to notify the principal and assistant principal, as stated by the police. The report states that the child alleged that Smith compelled her to put her hand down his pants to sexually gratify her.

The Hollywood police are collaborating closely with the Broward School Board as the investigation progresses.