Subway Assault: NYPD on the Lookout for Suspect Who Touched Teen Inappropriately

The New York Police Department is looking for a man who they believe used force to touch a girl who was 15 years old while she was on the metro.

The New York Police Department reports that the incident took place on a northbound A train at approximately 11:53 in the morning.

According to the authorities, the assault occurred after the perpetrator had engaged in a discussion with the victim and then forcibly touched her over her clothing. The last time anyone saw him, he was leaving the subway station on West 125th Street.

A gray tank top shirt, camouflage shorts, and brown sandals were the last things that the suspect was spotted wearing, according to the police. A shopping bag made of white plastic was observed being carried by him.

The above surveillance image of the suspect was made public by the New York Police Department.

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