SNAP Payments worth up to $1,751 are being given out in 38 States

This week, people who qualified in 38 states, the District of Columbia, and territories are getting their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.

With SNAP benefits, low-income and no-income families can get money to help pay for groceries. Benefits are given to households whose net monthly income is at or below 100% of the government poverty level. Benefits are usually given over 12 months. You can put money on electronic benefit transfer cards and use them at shops that accept them, including big chains like Walmart and Costco.

SNAP payments can be worth up to $1,751 for a family of eight, according to the Department of Human Services. People individually and as a family of eight can each get $219.

People in 35 states and territories started getting their benefits on June 1, but some people in these places won’t get them until as late as June 28. Different states handle and give out the benefits in different ways. For example, some states pay claimants based on their claim number, while others pay them based on the first letter of their last name as per the Washington Examiner.

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This is when people in every state, the District of Columbia, and the territories can expect to get SNAP benefits:

Alabama: June 4 to 23

Arizona: June 1 to 13

Arkansas: June 4 to 13

Delaware: June 2 to 23

Florida: June 1 to 28

Georgia: June 5 to 23

Indiana: June 5 to 23

Kentucky: June 1 to 19

Louisiana: June 1 to 23

Maine: June 10 to 14

Maryland: June 4 to 23

Massachusetts: June 1 to 14

Michigan: June 3 to 21

Minnesota: June 4 to 13

Mississippi: June 4 to 21

Missouri: June 1 to 22

New York: June 1 to 9

North Carolina: June 3 to 21

Ohio: June 2 to 20

Pennsylvania: June 3 to 14

Puerto Rico: June 4 to June 22

South Carolina: June 1 to 19

South Dakota: June 10

Texas: June 1 to 28

Utah: June 5, 11, and 15

Wisconsin: June 1 to 15

The dates for California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Nevada and Oklahoma is June 1 to 10.

And, the dates for the states of Oregon and West Virginia: June 1 to 9 and for Illinois New Mexico, Washington and Tennessee, the dates are June 1 to 20.

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