Where is the Sister, Sister Cast Now? Let’s Find Out!

In this article we will discuss about the cast of the ‘Sister, Sister‘ Tale.

Sister, Sister,‘ a popular American comedy from the 1990s, tells the tale of twin sisters Tia and Tamera, who are adopted into different households as newborns, only to meet years later. The twins meet each other by accident at a clothes store one day in the mall. Because the twins don’t want to be apart any longer, Tamera’s adopted father Ray Campbell grudgingly permits Tia and her adoptive mother Lisa Landry to live with them. But they are nothing alike: Tia is an intellectual city girl, while Tamera is a boy-crazy suburbanite. Because they are similar, they frequently get into funny problems. From 1994 through 1999, the show aired for six seasons. Interested in knowing where the cast of ‘Sister, Sister’ is now? Everything is listed below.

1. Tia Mowry-Hardrict

On ‘Sister, Sister,’ Tia Mowry-Hardrict plays the bright twin Tia Landry. Lisa Landry, an ambitious fashion designer, took on her role. Tia, a married mother of two, is still performing and branching out into producing. She just secured a three-film agreement with Lifetime Channel to star in and produce three holiday-themed films for the channel’s It’s a Wonderful Lifetime lineup. After ‘Sister, Sister,’ Tia went on to feature in the Disney Channel original movies ‘Seventeen Again‘ (2000), ‘Twitches‘ (2005), and ‘Twitches Too‘ (2007), with her twin.

sister sister cast

Since then, Tia has also done a run of Lifetime and Hallmark movies, has performed on several tv shows including ‘The Game’, ‘Instant Mom’, and ‘Family Reunion’. She has also written two books, one about pregnancy and one about cooking. Tia also has her own online series, ‘Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix,’ in which she gives culinary, parenting, and exercise suggestions (among other things).

2. Tamera Mowry-Housley

Tamera portrays Tamera, the silly twin who lives in the suburbs with her adoptive father. Tamera, like her sister, continued to perform in Lifetime, Hallmark, and Disney Channel movies after the program ended in 1999. Tamera began hosting the daytime talk program ‘The Real’ in 2013, where she co-hosted with comedian Loni Love, actress Adrienne Bailon, and TV personality Jeannie Mai. In July 2020, she revealed through Instagram that she was leaving the program after seven years to pursue other ventures. The 42-year-old actress lately found solace in cooking with her family, which she began doing frequently during the quarantine months.

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3. Marques Houston

On ‘Sister, Sister,’ Marques played Roger Evans, the twins’ obnoxious next-door neighbor. When Marques joined the cast of ‘Sister, Sister,’ he was already a blossoming musician. Following the event, he maintained his musical career, releasing many solo albums during the 2000s. Marques was appointed as CEO of Footage Films, a production firm created by his previous band’s manager, in 2010.

sister sister cast

Footage Films has produced many films, including ‘Will to Love’ (2015) and ‘A Weekend With Family’ (2016), in which Marques featured. Marques has appeared in the films ‘You Got Served‘ (2004) and ‘Fat Albert‘ in addition to several TV series (2004). He most recently appeared in ‘Howard High,‘ a musical TV miniseries.

4. Tim Reid

On ‘Sister, Sister,’ Tim Reid plays Tamera’s stuffy father Ray Campbell. Tim was a renowned comic even before he debuted in ‘Sister, Sister’. The comedic superstar has subsequently made guest appearances on various prominent series like the Disney Channel’s ‘That’s So Raven’, Fox’s ‘That ’70s Show’, and Oprah Winfrey Network’s ‘Greenleaf’. He has also appeared in a number of films and television shows. In 1997, while still working on ‘Sister, Sister,’ Tim co-founded New Millennium Studios with his wife, actress Daphne Maxwell Reid, in order to attract more production business to Virginia. In 2015, they sold the studios.

5. Jackée Harry

Lisa Landry, Tia’s fashion designer adoptive mother, is played by Jackée Harry. She was already a well-known sitcom star before to joining ‘Sister, Sister,‘ having won an Emmy for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series for her work on NBC’s ‘227’ in the 1980s. Jackée became the first black woman to win an Emmy.

sister sister cast

Since ‘Sister, Sister,’ Jackée has appeared in a number of films and TV shows on OWN and Lifetime. She has also continued to perform in TV series (‘Everybody Hates Chris,’ frequently making guest appearances).

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6. RonReaco Lee

Tyreke Scott, Tia’s boyfriend, is played by Lee. In Season 5, he joined the main cast of ‘Sister, Sister,’ which was his big break. Lee has subsequently had recurrent guest parts on programs including NBC’s ‘ER’, CW’s ‘Girlfriends’, and FX’s ‘The Shield‘. He also appeared in ‘Guess Who?’ alongside Bernie Mac (2005). Lee has also starred in the films ‘The First Wives Club‘ and ‘Survivor’s Remorse,’ as well as the Netflix original films ‘Nappily Ever After’ and ‘Coffee and Kareem’. Lee’s most recent film performance was in 2020, in ‘2 Minutes of Fame,‘ starring Keke Palmer.

7. Deon Richmond

In ‘Sister, Sister,’ Richmond plays Tamera’s studious college boyfriend Jordan Bennett. He also appeared on the show in Season 5. Before joining ‘Sister, Sister,‘ he had already achieved renown as a TV actor.

sister sister cast

In the early 2000s, Richmond appeared in a number of teen films, including ‘Scream 3’ (2000), ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ (2001), and ‘Van Wilder: Party Liaison‘ (2002). Since then, he has appeared in a few minor parts on television and in films, most recently in ‘What Matters,’ released in 2018.

This is all about the cast of the Sister, Sister, Stay Tuned for more such Updates!