Several Teen Girls Molested and became Victim of Prostitution by Pimp Gang; Member Sentenced in Texas

A 23-year-old man has been sentenced to prison for his involvement in the sexual exploitation of teenage girls. A 23-year-old individual named Javon Yaw Opoku, also known as “Glizzy,” has recently been sentenced by the U.S. Department of Justice Southern District of Texas.

The charges against Opoku include conspiring to traffic a minor for commercial sex. Opoku has been sentenced to 365 months in federal prison by U.S. District Judge George C. Hanks Jr, as announced by U.S. Attorney Alamdar Hamdani.

Hamdani condemned Opoku for his years of exploiting and victimizing innocent children and other vulnerable individuals in our community. Opoku has been sentenced to over 30 years of separation from our community, putting an end to his harmful actions towards our daughters and neighbors.

Opoku has been sentenced to 10 years of supervised release after serving his prison term. Throughout that period, he will need to adhere to various regulations aimed at limiting his interaction with children and the online world. Opoku will also be required to register as a sex offender.

During the period from April 2019 to February 2020, Opoku and his accomplices coerced underage girls into performing sexual acts with clients in exchange for money. These activities took place in cars and hotels located in the Bissonnet area.

Located near the 59 Southwest Freeway and Bissonnet Street in Houston, the blade, also known as the “track,” is a notorious spot where traffickers exploit their victims for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex.

Opoku and his accomplices engaged in a disturbing cycle of victimization, sharing or transferring victims among themselves. They taught each other exploitative tactics, subjecting young girls to dangerous situations while Opoku and his associates profited from their exploitation.

The young girls were forced to pay an exit fee or face violence when switching between pimps. Certain individuals demanded daily quotas from their victims. If the victims did not meet their daily quotas, they faced severe punishment in the form of beatings and humiliation.
Jerreck Michael Hilliard, also known as “Jmoney,” has been sentenced to 292 months in federal prison as a co-conspirator.

Opoku is set to stay in custody until being transferred to a U.S. Bureau of Prisons facility, which will be determined soon as per Click2Houston.

The investigation was launched by the Houston Police Department, in collaboration with Homeland Security Investigations and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, as part of the Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance (HTRA).

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