Several Kids Molested by Man in Indiana; Man used Candies to Trick Kids in His House: Docs

According to the children, the Anderson man assaulted them year after year and enticed them with candy.

According to the victims of a violent felon, the perpetrator allegedly used candy as a form of bribery to entice small children before forcing himself onto them for the purpose of sexual enjoyment.

Child molestation is a Level 1 crime, and sexual misconduct with a minor is a Level 4 felony. Kevin E. Germain Jr., 41, of Anderson, was arrested on June 28 on several preliminary allegations of child molestation and sexual misconduct with a minor.

Two adolescents came forward and said that Germain had been abusing and raping them for years, according to court documents. This prompted the Anderson Police Department and the Department of Child Services to begin an investigation into Germain.

The charges made by the victim state that Germain would use chocolates as a form of bribery to one of the victims when they were between the ages of 11 and 15 years old. From that point on, Germain would coerce the victim into engaging in sexual actions with him.

The other victim stated that Germain’s sexual abuse went even further, as he reportedly raped the youngster against his will for a number of years, beginning when the victim was only seven years old and continuing up until the time of his arrest.

According to the victims, Germain emphasized that they were not allowed to inform anybody about what he was doing to them because he did not want to be sent back to jail.

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A conviction for battery conducted with a lethal weapon that resulted in serious damage was handed down to Germain in 2011, according to the records of the proceedings. He received a prison sentence of four years for his crime.

When the authorities spoke to Germain, he rejected the charges that the victims had made against him and stated that he had never sexually touched either of the children. This information is shown in the documents as per WANE News.

The office of the Madison County Prosecutor will decide whether or not Germain will be officially charged with any of the offenses that have been taken against him.

If Germain is found guilty of committing a Level 1 felony of child molestation, he faces the possibility of serving a sentence of up to fifty years in jail.

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