Seminole Marijuana Store Sting Leads to 19 Arrests in Florida

Sanford, FL: The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office announced Saturday night that they had detained nineteen individuals after the raid of a marijuana pop-up shop close to Casselberry. On Winter Woods Boulevard, close to State Road 436, deputies allegedly launched an operation to target the pop-up.

According to investigators, two undercover agents in possession of presale tickets were permitted entry to a tiny room after being searched for weapons. Based on their account, they came saw what seemed like sellers peddling massive quantities of packed marijuana from tables.

Angel Oscar Seda Rivera allegedly sold ten grams of suspected marijuana to an undercover agent for forty dollars just before the agents were “compromised and the vendors began to pack their narcotics to leave,” according to investigators.

Afterward, according to the arrest report, numerous police officers stormed the facility in an effort to stop “the destruction and removal of evidence” and to take the perpetrators into custody.

After approaching Arsenio De’Shawn Rivera and Alexandra Ruemmeley in a Jeep in the parking lot, deputies found two firearms, 2,696 grams of suspected marijuana, and 28 grams of psilocybin mushrooms in a bag inside the car.

“At first glance, it seemed like the two were going inside the building to set up shop,” the arrest report stated.

While Matthew Winckel was in the car, deputies allegedly found six grams of probable marijuana and three grams of THC wax. They found 237 grams of suspected marijuana and Oscar Pastrana in a car with a revolver.

At one table, deputies found 96,649 grams of suspected marijuana and related items, and Christopher Lenoce was also armed. Jonathan Lenoce was the one carrying the weapons.

There were 2,764 grams of suspected marijuana and related goods and 220 grams of suspected psilocybin mushrooms at the table of Tiara Joiner and June Williams, according to investigators.

The suspects at Jeremiah Townsend’s table included 2,764 grams of marijuana and related items, 220 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, and other substances, according to the deputies.

There were 2,459 grams of suspected marijuana and related goods and 632 grams of suspected psilocybin mushrooms at Angel Oscar Seda Rivera’s table, according to law enforcement.

Among the 3,882 pounds of suspected marijuana and related products found at their table were items belonging to Lamika Harvey and Alphonso Coney, according to deputies.

Chase Gibson, Dominic Warren-Henderson, Anthony Testman, and Austin Goldstein were alleged clients. According to investigators, Jose Vega Figueroa was patting customers down as they entered the store and held the key to the room.

Police claimed that security guard Kassim Forbes was in possession of a tiny amount of what seemed to be marijuana, while ticket taker Geovanny Morales was at the entrance.

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