A Florida deputy rescues a 6-month-old infant who got stuck in a car following a crash

In a remarkable act of heroism, a Florida deputy, Sgt. Dave Musgrove, saved the life of a six-month-old infant trapped in a car wreck following a catastrophic collision.

The incident unfolded on the evening of February 8th in Englewood, Florida, after a motorcyclist, reportedly traveling in excess of 100 mph, struck a family’s car at an intersection, as confirmed by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Musgrove, who had observed the high-speed motorcyclist moments before the crash, immediately responded to the emergency.

Upon arrival at the scene, he discovered the devastating aftermath: the motorcyclist had perished, impacting the rear of the family’s vehicle, where cries for help could be heard. Amid the wreckage, Musgrove found a toddler unharmed and proceeded to search for other victims.

It was during this urgent search that he uncovered a dire situation: six-month-old Lola, trapped beneath the deceased motorcyclist, was in critical condition.

With the assistance of bystanders, Sgt. Musgrove was able to free the infant and, finding her unresponsive, commenced life-saving chest compressions.

His prompt and decisive actions led to the restoration of Lola’s breathing before emergency services arrived and confirmed her pulse.

The family, still reeling from recent personal tragedies, expressed profound gratitude towards Sgt. Musgrove, crediting him with changing their lives forever.

Lola’s grandmother, Lisa Foley, and her mother, Kayleigh, both highlighted the deputy’s humility and dedication to duty amidst the life-altering rescue. Sgt. Musgrove’s actions not only exemplified exceptional courage and professionalism but also provided the Foley family with a glimmer of hope during their time of despair.

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