Sector-Wise Breakdown of the Most Visited Websites in the USA in 2023

In 2023, the digital landscape in the USA continued to evolve, with various sectors showing distinct patterns in website traffic. This sector-wise analysis of the most visited websites provides insights into user preferences and market trends in different industries.

Education Sector

In November 2023, the education sector saw a general decline in traffic, with a -15% average change month-over-month. Notable sites in this sector included:

  • Experienced a marginal decrease of about -1%.
  • Saw a -13% drop in traffic.
  • Faced an -18% decline.
  • Witnessed a -19% decrease.
  • Led the declining trend with a -23% drop.
  • Experienced a -21% fall in traffic.

Streaming Services

The streaming services category, a crucial part of the entertainment industry, had the following top sites:

  1. 345.3 million monthly visits.
  2. 171.2 million monthly visits.
  3. 94.1 million monthly visits.
  4. 84.6 million monthly visits.
  5. 76.7 million monthly visits.

Travel Sector

In the travel category, the top websites included:

  • 144.0 million monthly visits.

General Trends

  • News Media Sector: Witnessed some of the largest increases in traffic, likely due to major events like the conflict between Israel and Palestine and legal matters concerning former U.S. President Donald Trump.
    • Surged by 30%.
    • Increased by 25%.
    • and Demonstrated robust performances with 19% and 17% increases, respectively.
  • Retail Sector: Showed impressive growth for e-commerce giants.
    • Grew by 8%.
    •,, and Also demonstrated strong traffic growth.
  • Tech Giants: led the charts with over 35 billion monthly visits, followed by with 21.5 billion visits.


The year 2023 witnessed diverse traffic patterns across various sectors in the USA. While the education sector experienced a notable downturn, streaming services and news media sectors showed significant growth. The continued dominance of tech giants like Google and YouTube and the rise in e-commerce platforms underscore the evolving nature of internet usage in America. This sector-wise analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of the digital preferences and trends among American internet users in 2023​