San Jose Therapist Arrested after Girl Came Forward to Report Sexual Assault to Authorities

A therapist in San Jose who works with autistic kids and an elementary school aide were both arrested Wednesday after an investigation into a sexual assault on a child found them guilty.

San Jose police said they were called on Saturday to a report of a girl being sexually assaulted the day before. Police found that the girl’s therapist had abused her during a session at the victim’s house.

The suspect was recognized as Alejandro Lopez Nunez, 48, from Santa Clara. He works as a behavior therapist for Trumpet Behavioral Health, a company that helps families and children with autism. Police say Lopez Nunez also works part-time as a teaching aide at Campbell’s Forest Hill Elementary School.

The investigation showed that Lopez Nunez had sexually assaulted the girl more than once since March 2024, according to the police.

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Lopez Nunez was arrested on Sunday when police found him in Santa Clara. He was taken to the main jail in Santa Clara County on charges of sexual abuse of a child. Police said they think there may be more victims because the suspect was trusted as per CBS News.

Detective Minten #4269 of the San José Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force can be reached at [email protected] or 408-277-4102 if anyone knows anything about this case or others like it.

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