Lawyer Arrested for Showing Up Drunk in Court for DUI Charges in Colorado; Pleaded Guilty

After being arrested three times for DUI in 18 months, a lawyer in Colorado decided to plead guilty to all three and was sentenced earlier this year in Arapahoe County court.

When Denise Kay, the lawyer, showed up for her sentencing in January 2024, state records show that the judge “asked whether she was under the influence and ordered her to submit to a preliminary breath test,” which showed that her blood alcohol level was .324, which is four times the legal limit for DUI in Colorado.

Kay, 56, hadn’t been in trouble with the law in Colorado since 2022 when she hit a parked car in Littleton. It was .298 in her blood, which is more than three times the legal limit.

In October 2022, she pleaded guilty and was given one year of probation. She was also told to use an interlock device, which is like a test for cars, in her car.

The driver has to blow into a tube on the device before starting the car or continuing to drive it.

Kay, an employment lawyer on probation, was pulled over by Sheridan police in August 2023 for what they thought was a DUI. Lawyers for the police say Kay backed her car into a police car during the stop.

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It was also her other car that was on the road at the time, and it did not have a locking device. A charge of dodging an interlock device was dropped after she pleaded guilty to DUI in the Sheridan case as per the CBS News.

A few weeks later, cops were called to an Englewood grocery store to find Kay had crashed her car into a group of rocks in the ground. She was charged with DUI again because her blood alcohol level was .297.

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