SAFE Act for Kids: NY Parents to Gain Control Over Children’s Social Media Use

The social media feeds of kids in New York are about to become less “addictive.”

On Friday, lawmakers in Albany passed a major bill that will give parents more control over how their kids use social media apps like Instagram and TikTok.

Big Tech companies are almost certain to fight the law in court for a long time. If it passes, it could change how social media apps deliver material to kids across the country.

Leave Addicting Feeds Alone The SAFE for Kids Act says that social media companies must check the ages of users and get permission from parents before letting kids view algorithmic feeds.

If a child doesn’t get permission from their parents to view “addictive” algorithmic feeds, they will still be able to see social media material, but in the order that posts were made.

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Parents can also stop getting notifications on their kids’ social media accounts from midnight to six in the morning thanks to the law.

The New York Child Data Protection Act says that tech companies can’t sell or make money off of the data of children.

Both bills are likely to become law after Gov. Kathy Hochul signs them.

Big tech companies spent about $1 million to try to stop the law from passing as per The Post.

The president and CEO of a group that has been fighting the law, Tech: NYC, Julie Samuels, said that she liked that the bills were meant to protect children, but that it was still unclear how they would be enforced.

“There are some good changes in these bills that will help them get closer to the goal of protecting children online, which is a goal that Tech: NYC and our member companies support.” In a statement released after the vote, she said, “These changes show a desire to better tailor the definition of social media and get rid of the private right of action.”

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