RAP Ferreira in Hot Waters after Ex-Girlfriend Reported Child Abuse and Molestation

R.A.P. Ferreira is currently embroiled in a deeply troubling situation, as his former partner has come forward with a number of serious allegations, including child abuse and sexual assault.

In a detailed post on the fundraising platform BetterWorld, Chloe Stingley (also known as Mekah) reached out for financial assistance in her ongoing legal dispute with the rapper and producer. The message was shared on Thursday, July 4.

According to her, the indie rap veteran, known as Rory Ferreira or by his stage names Milo and Scallops Hotel, has been accused of multiple acts of violence against her and her children.

“I am deeply disturbed by the violent incident that occurred at Rory Ferreira’s record store, Soulfolks Records. It is disheartening to hear that a 7-year-old child was physically assaulted and that the perpetrator used a deadly weapon. Additionally, the allegation of sexual assault is extremely concerning. This incident highlights the importance of creating safe environments for everyone, especially children. It is crucial that appropriate actions are taken to address this situation and ensure justice is served.” “We had to leave Nashville in November of 2023 due to concerns for our safety and well-being.”

Stingley has made allegations against Ferreira, claiming that he has been stalking her in an attempt to locate her and has initiated legal proceedings to gain custody of their 16-month-old daughter.

She is requesting a total of $22,000, which she believes will cover the costs of hiring a specialized domestic violence attorney and covering her travel expenses for an emergency hearing on July 12 in Nashville.

She plans to use the funds to hire legal representation in North Carolina, where she has taken legal action against Rory. The allegations include stalking, neglect of their daughter, aggravated child abuse towards her son, Auri Stingley, and a history of unlawful imprisonment, as well as verbal, financial, and sexual abuse as per HipHopDX.

According to Stingley, she has a sworn affidavit with 42 items of material evidence prepared for her protection order hearing against Mr. Ferreira on July 23rd, 2024.

With the help of these funds, she hopes to safeguard her rights, reunite with Miel, and present a compelling case for a change of jurisdiction to North Carolina, enabling Rory to visit their daughter. “It is important for Miel to maintain a relationship with her father, as long as it does not negatively impact my own and my children’s health, safety, and well-being.”