Proxies Make Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts Easy

Marketing agencies typically create a number of accounts on one social media platform for their promotional campaigns as they can get a better reach for their products. As an example, consider the numerous business accounts on Instagram created by people to promote their products. However, one thing most people forget is that Instagram does not allow using multiple accounts on a single IP.

Residential proxies play an important role in bypassing the restriction of creating multiple accounts. Therefore, marketing agencies use cheap residential proxies to handle their multiple accounts on numerous social media platforms for their daily marketing activities. These unique proxies have not been previously used by people; therefore, they provide a safe gateway for running multiple social media accounts from a single location. Before going into details about the significance of proxies, let’s discuss why marketing agencies create numerous accounts for their campaigns.

Benefits of using multiple accounts on a Single Platform

The advantages associated with having multiple accounts that marketing agencies use are listed below:

  1. To engage diverse audiences.
  2. To better advertise their products.
  3. To have more liberty to customize what they want to show to your customers.

Issues faced by Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies most commonly use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Instagram is the most common social media platform as it allows business accounts to quickly convert leads and attract new customers. However, there are several drawbacks that agencies face while using multiple accounts at once. Social Media platforms can detect the creation of multiple accounts from the same IP and can ban it immediately.

Marketing agencies face this issue of banning because social media platforms have security policies in place to scrutinize traffic. Cyber attacks are notorious for stealing data and personal information with the wrong intention. Under such circumstances, platforms like Instagram have employed the use of emergency protocols that block multiple accounts originating from the same IP address. So, if you want to increase your brand’s online reach with numerous accounts, you should opt for a residential proxy to keep your identity safe and anonymous.

How are proxies helpful?

With the help of proxies, marketing firms can do their work without the fear of getting banned or blocked on social media platforms. The firm can easily create and use multiple accounts with different IP addresses. Hence, when social media platforms like Instagram check the activity of these accounts, it recognizes each IP address as unique. This way, users can create as many accounts as they want without the fear of losing any of their accounts. Hence, proxies are extremely useful for the smooth operation of multiple accounts because they:

  • Overcome barriers hindering their online activities.
  • Increase online engagement with customers.
  • Protect their account and identity.
  • Provide a smart way to conduct online business.

Marketing agencies need to put in extra effort to pick the correct type of proxy. You can Invest in the best available proxy and enjoy the unlimited use of multiple accounts for marketing activities. While choosing a certain proxy provider, you can keep the following aspects in mind:

  • A good proxy comes with a paid subscription.
  • Proxy with high internet speed.
  • Great proxy providers offer multiple proxies for users.

In comparison to shared proxies, social media proxies are more suitable for creating multiple accounts. In the case of share proxies, there are chances of being asked to verify your number. This can get challenging if you have to verify your mobile number for each account on a single social media platform. On the contrary, social media proxies are clean without any previous history. Additionally, there are separate social media proxies for all social media platforms. Therefore, marketing agencies can buy Facebook proxies, Instagram proxies, and more. Marketers can go for rotating proxies while looking for the best social media proxies in the market.

About Residential Proxies

This type of proxy acts as an intermediate server between websites and the users. Each IP address from proxies is unique and belongs to actual electronic devices. This also means that each IP address corresponds to an individual location on the globe. Hence, Instagram and other social media platforms allow these IP addresses because they are clean, and marketers can smoothly run their multiple social media accounts.

Smartproxy is one such highly credible proxy network provider that marketers can use to prevent their accounts from getting blocked on social media platforms. Getting a subscription is best for growing your online business because it:

  • Allows you to connect with customers at a global level
  • Helps you avoid IP bans and CAPTCHAs
  • Enhances your online marketing of different products
  • Helps you better automize your multiple social media accounts
  • Assist you in searching online without any boundaries
  • Helps you in the verification of ads

Furthermore, these proxies are perfect for marketing agencies who want to use multiple accounts at once.


Proxies provide a legal and reliable way for users to stay anonymous and conduct their online activities. Social media marketing agencies can particularly make use of proxies with unique IP addresses to enhance their reach through numerous accounts on a single social media platform. Certain attributes can limit the usage of proxies by agencies as well. For instance, some agencies might find proxies a little expensive. There can also be compatibility, security, and tracking-related issues associated with proxy. That being said, social media proxies are still the best solution out there for firms to bypass security protocols of social media platforms and grow their online business.