Police make an arrest after discovering a man with a girl who had been missing for eight days and who was twelve years old

Houston, TX: A 27-year-old guy has been taken into custody by the police in Texas on suspicion of being involved in the disappearance of a 12-year-old girl from Houston. The child had been missing for eight days before she was discovered safe.

In accordance with the Columbus (Texas) Police Department, Sirterryon Preston, a resident of Houston, was charged with escaping authorities on Friday after he made an attempt to flee from officers.

According to a report by the Associated Press, the police determined that the youngster was in Columbus at approximately noon on Friday. Nearly 94 miles west of Houston is the city of Columbus.

The Houston Police Department issued the notice informing the public about the missing girl after she was last spotted on video doorbell surveillance on February 22 getting into a pickup truck near her home at approximately two in the morning.

Until the FBI completes their investigation, Preston is being held in the Colorado County jail in Texas, and it is possible that additional charges will be brought against him.

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Thursday, February 22 was the last time anyone saw the girl, and on Friday, February 23, she was reported missing. The footage from the surveillance camera showed her leaving her house and headed in the direction of a dark Dodge Ram.

Five days after she was reported missing, an AMBER Alert was issued because the police stated that they had acquired more information that they had not obtained during the initial questioning. They were scared that she might be a victim of human trafficking because the fresh evidence led them to feel that she was in danger.

It was her mother who expressed gratitude to everyone who had shared the story and assisted in the search for her daughter.