Date of trial for the Death Sentence has been set for the Father who is suspected of killing his Daughter, who was 11 months old in Texas

San Antonio, TX:  Monday marked the beginning of the trial for a man from Alamo Heights who is accused of assaulting his wife and children, ultimately resulting in the death of his infant daughter.

On October 11, according to the timetable, the trial of Stephen Clare, who is accused of committing three charges of aggravated assault in addition to the crime of capital murder, is due to begin.

On February 15, the state of Texas announced that they would be investigating this heinous case of domestic violence and would be seeking the death penalty.

Two People Who Are Suspected Of Being Engaged In A Grisly Execution-Style Murder Are Still Being Sought In San Antonio

The police took Clare into custody on April 11, 2023, after they alleged that he had shot his ex-wife and stabbed his two young daughters. A girl who was 11 months old passed away.

According to the investigators, Clare, who is fifty years old, was disagreeing with his ex-wife and carrying a revolver that belonged to his ex-wife. The home surveillance footage then shows Clare following his ex-wife around the house with a gun, to the extent that the arrest warrant states that this is what happened.

Two older boys, ages 8 and 11, were able to flee the scene without suffering any injuries. Since the year 2021, this is the very first time that the possibility of the death sentence has been considered in Bexar County.