Police in Florida say a “Potential Serial Killer” killed Sex Workers and then Dumped their Bodies

A Florida sheriff said a “potential serial killer” killed women repeatedly and then threw their bodies in the woods so no one would notice.

Carl Baez-Nieves, who is 25 years old, is now being charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

Fatia Flowers, 41, and Nichole Daniels, 44, were both found dead at the same crossing in central Florida a little more than a month apart, according to Orange County Sheriff John Mina at a news conference on April 29.

Mina said that Baez-Nieves went after the women because they worked as sex workers.

Mina said that Baez-Nieves picked up Flowers around March 14 and Daniels on April 16 and had sex with both of them.

Deputies say Baez-Nieves then killed the women by strangling them and then dumped their bodies from his truck.

Minea said, “He killed them and threw them out on the side of the road like trash.” “However, our detectives knew that Fatia and Nichole’s lives were important and that they need justice.”

Mina said that the night before Daniels’ body was found, she was seen getting into a white pickup truck that police linked to Baez-Nieves.

Deputies said that he was caught for driving with a suspended license after they found him trying to sell his truck. Mina says that’s when he told them about the killings of the two women.

Furthermore, the sheriff said that his detectives stopped the person from “becoming a prolific serial killer.”

“The fact that he went after women he thought no one would notice also makes you think he is a killer and probably would have killed again,” Mina said.

Citing Orange County court records, Baez-Nieves does not have a public attorney. The Orlando urban area is in Orange County.