13-year-old Brutally Molested by Woman, Plea Deal Reached in Racine County

In a Racine County case, a woman from Sheboygan Falls was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a child under the age of 13. On Friday, April 26, she made a plea deal.

Kerry Hughes admitted to one count of sexual assault on a kid in the first degree. As part of the deal, six other charges against her were dropped and added to the record so that they could be used to decide her sentence.

Hughes is going to get his sentence on July 8.

As per the Racine County Sheriff’s Office, Kerry Hughes reportedly sent the child inappropriate messages and had sexual contact with them. A forensic discussion with the child at the Child Advocacy Center supported the claims. Hughes told a third person about the accusations, and that person also confirmed them. There is also information that there may be more deaths, according to the sheriff’s office.

A criminal complaint says that Hughes and the child had been texting and having a sexual connection. The child said that the texts kept going back and forth and “got worse.”” And to be more specific, the child said, “We started texting, and I tried to stop, but I kept going.” After that, we kept talking and I kept texting, and things got worse and worse. The report says, “We began by talking about bad things and then moved on to pictures.” That “bad texting” included Hughes sending several pictures of herself in her underwear, the child told police.

Hughes allegedly told the child over and over again to delete the pictures and messages they had together, telling the child that they would not get in trouble if they did not tell anyone.

The child talked about something that happened at Hughes’s house. According to the complaint, she told the child to go to the bathroom, where she touched the kid inappropriately. The child talked about another time someone touched them inappropriately, this time in a car.

While this review was going on, at least one more child came forward to say Hughes had texted them asking for explicit actions.