Police discover Brute hiding in Grandma’s bathroom after he is suspected of shooting a 5-year-old girl in New York City

In a significant development in a distressing case, law enforcement officials have successfully apprehended a suspect connected to the shooting of a five-year-old girl in the Bronx. The suspect, identified as 26-year-old Austin Morrishow, was arrested after being located in his grandmother’s bathroom by a combined effort of local police and US Marshals, according to law enforcement sources.

The incident, which left the community in shock, occurred on June 29 when the young victim was seated in the backseat of her family’s beige Nissan. Tragically, she was wounded by a stray bullet that penetrated the vehicle from a distance while parked on East 214th Street.

The bullet, reportedly fired from a block away, underscores the alarming randomness and brutality of urban gun violence.

Morrishow faces charges of possessing ammunition following a prior felony conviction. His arrest came as a result of a crucial tip received by the NYPD Crimestoppers, showcasing the vital role of community collaboration in solving serious crimes.

The arrest marks a pivotal moment in the city’s fight against crime, as stated by US Marshal Ralph Sozio. He commended the collective efforts of the Southern District of New York Warrant Squad, the NY/NJ Regional Fugitive Task Force, and the NYPD in their diligent and non-violent apprehension of Morrishow. Marshal Sozio emphasized the unwavering commitment of law enforcement to justice and community safety.

Echoing this sentiment, US Attorney Damian Williams highlighted the persistence of law enforcement agencies in pursuing and capturing fugitives, affirming their dedication to justice, regardless of the time frame required to ensure it.

The backdrop of this tragic event was a local vigil for Justin Rodriguez, a 26-year-old man who had been fatally shot in a nearby location days earlier. The vigil itself turned chaotic as multiple individuals began firing shots, one of which led to the young girl’s injury.

During a press conference outside the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, where the young girl was treated, Chief of Patrol John Chell linked the shooting to the previous night’s homicide. He reassured the public and the victim’s family of the NYPD’s commitment to resolving the case swiftly and bringing those responsible to justice.

The girl’s father, reflecting on the senseless violence, succinctly described the incident to The Post as “stupid,” encapsulating the widespread frustration and sorrow stemming from such unnecessary acts of violence.

As the suspect awaits further charges, the case remains a somber reminder of the ongoing challenges facing urban communities and the critical importance of law enforcement and community cooperation in addressing and preventing violent crimes.