Plane Slides Off Runway at Rochester Airport; No Injuries Reported

New York City: A plane slid off the runway at New York’s Greater Rochester International Airport on Thursday afternoon. No injuries are reported after the slide.

The American Eagles plane slid off the runway after landing on the same runway. The pilot was driving the plane to the terminal after landing when this incident happened.

The plane took off from Philadelphia International Airport and arrived in Rochester around 4 p.m. local time, which is when the slide happened.

The airline’s spokesperson said that there were 50 people on the Embraer E145 and three crew members. It went off a taxiway while turning, and the spokesperson said, “The cause is undetermined.”

The American Eagles spokesperson stated that the flight, which was run by Piedmont Airlines, “exited the taxiway while in transit to the terminal due to snowy airfield conditions.”

Severe winter storms have recently pounded the Northeast and other parts of the United States. Airline cancellations of thousands of flights on Tuesday caused travelers immense distress and uncertainty.

Airline safety has been a major problem as of late. The Boeing 737 Max 9 operated by Alaska Airlines had to make an emergency landing in Portland, Oregon, just minutes after takeoff on January 6 due to a door panel that broke apart in the middle of the flight.

As a result, United Airlines and Alaska Airlines had to cancel hundreds of flights after the FAA grounded dozens of Boeing 737 Max 9 planes. Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration have formally begun their investigations.

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