People Dumping Pets, Tampa Man Caught In The Act For Abandoning Dog

Tampa, FL: An investigation is underway by Hillsborough County Animal Control regarding a Tampa man who heartlessly abandoned a dog in a parking lot. An unsettling incident was recorded by surveillance video outside a plastic surgeon’s office in the early morning of Feb. 7. The incident prompted swift response from the doctor and local animal welfare advocates.

Dr. Geoffrey Kwitko, located at the intersection of MacDill Avenue and Azeele Street, received an alert about the incident through a notification from his Blink camera. Despite their tardiness, the timely intervention of the man and his secretary, Janine, led to the safe recovery of the dog.

Discovered roaming near MacDill Avenue and Platt Street, the 2-year-old dog was saved by Dr. Kwitko, his secretary, and a veterinarian from Four Paws Veterinary Hospital. She was swiftly transferred to the care of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Dr. Kwitko was shocked and saddened by the incident. Dr. Kwitko expressed his disbelief at the mistreatment of a dog. “If you no longer wish to keep the dog, it is important to responsibly take it to a humane society or a shelter. Abandoning the dog on a busy street puts it at risk of harm.”
Furthermore, Regan Blessinger from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay shed light on the concerning issue of pet abandonment. She encouraged owners dealing with challenges to seek help instead of abandoning their animals in danger.

Goldie, the Pit Bull mix, was reportedly left behind because she was no longer able to reproduce after having several litters. This highlights the unfortunate truth that many animals are often discarded once they are no longer considered useful.

The authorities have successfully identified the vehicle as a white Mercedes, which stands out due to its noticeable absence of a back bumper. Unfortunately, capturing the license plate and identifying the person responsible has proven to be quite challenging.