Pennsylvania Man Falsely Claimed Child Abuse; Faces Charges for Harassment and Fake Reports

A man who was angry made fake claims of abusing children while also calling someone and being sexually explicit.

Officer Matthew Brown said that Chad Robert Barnes, 35, of Muncy, took a child in his care to get repeated pelvic exams in what was thought to be an effort to prove child abuse claims. Brown also said that the five procedures took place in January and February of this year.

Brown said that Barnes also called Child Line several times to report a couple to them, saying they were sexually abusing Barnes. “All were unfounded.”

Brown says that the child was checked for STDs during one of the tests in February. Brown wrote in the statement that it was “asked for by the patient’s father because of his worries.”

In March 2024, Barnes told the court in another recording that the child had not had any pelvic exams as reported by NorthCentral PA.

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Police also looked into harassing messages that Barnes reportedly left on the voicemail of one of the two people she is accused of calling Child Line about. The police said the texts were sexual.

In March, Pinger Inc. was given a warrant to find the owner of the IP address that was tied to the messages. Police found out that Barnes owned the IP address after a second search warrant was carried out.

Barnes is being charged with making false claims of child abuse and harassment. Barnes is not being held on bail, and he is due for a preliminary hearing at the end of July.

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