Parents Took Toddler to Hospital for Injury; Tests found Cocaine in Blood Stream; Day-care Worker Arrested in Wisconsin

A worker at a childcare center in southeastern Wisconsin was arrested for bringing cocaine into the building, where a child allegedly found it and took some.

The Oak Creek Police Department says that on May 15, workers at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin called them to report a possible child abuse victim at their facility.

The police in the area went to the hospital and talked to workers and the child’s parent. The child’s parent saw some scratches and marks on them and took them to the hospital to be checked out.

The Oak Creek Police Department looked into the case very carefully from May 16th to May 21st. A lab report was the key to solving the case.

Children’s Hospital Wisconsin told Oak Creek Police that the child’s pee toxicology test on May 15 showed that cocaine metabolites were present in the urine.

Detectives checked in with Child Protective Services and went to the home of the child’s family to meet them. Since there were no signs of cocaine at the house, police turned their attention to the child’s daycare.

On Wednesday, May 22, detectives and a K-9 unit searched cars outside in the parking lot and infant room of the daycare center. The K-9 gave a good signal in the baby room, where the backpack of an employee was lying on the floor.

When the police searched the backpack, they found a plastic baggie containing a small bit of white powder. The powder later turned out to be cocaine.

The worker was caught and taken to the Milwaukee County Jail. The event was also reported to the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. The worker is identified as Passion Watson.

The Oak Creek Police Department did not say the name of the childcare center or the worker who was involved. The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office is being told about felony charges, such as neglecting a child, having a controlled drug on or near certain areas, and having cocaine on your person.

The police are still looking into what happened, and no more information was given.

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