Optimove and PressEnter Group Partnership Announced

What is the best way for an upcoming business organization to boost its marketing and customer retention practices? Collaborate with an entity with experience and success in that field, of course. The partnership that PressEnter, a relatively new casino operator, has struck up with Optimove, an industry-leading CRM marketing platform, is a step in that direction.

PressEnter has some unique customer retention strategies of its own, and these have played a significant role the company’s rise in popularity among players. By partnering with Optimove, it will be able to scale up its ability to retain existing players using their expertise and advanced technology.

The partnership between the two is part of an aggressive growth strategy that PressEnter has been adopting in recent times to expand not just in the markets that they currently have a foothold in but also in newer territories that have players who are likely to understand the PressEnter ethos and sign up with the casino brands that they bring to the table.

What Sweetens the Deal for PressEnter?

Every successful deal has a sweetener that guarantees its success. For the PressEnter-Optimove conversation it is the inclusion of a CRM process that is AI-mapped and enables PressEnter to improve multiple aspects of the CRM exercise.

It will be able to achieve this by managing player segments, orchestrating multi-channel campaigns and assessing each player action for multiple parameters including incremental value.

Who is PressEnter?

The PressEnter Group is a casino operator that launched in 2018. It has been making a name for itself in the industry in the 3-odd years of its existence, with an impressive roster of casinos that include Nitro Casino and 21.com. The collaboration with Optimove allows it to leverage their expertise and automate its CRM processes and help boost its marketing activities.

Formerly known as BetPoint, the PressEnter Group is headquartered in Malta and provides gaming products with a difference – through its bold, mobile first approach to online gambling. With an investment strategy focused on regulated markets, they are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge casino products and an exceptional online experience to its customers, while maintaining sustainable practices. Their games have been adopted by many online casinos and the easiest way to find those is to use the search functionality.

Why Optimove? 

Optimove was the logical choice for PressEnter given their success in their area of work. One of the most sure-shot ways for operators to ensure growth was by putting in place high quality CRM marketing, and that is what Optimove brought to the table.

In a statement, PressEnter said the decision to go with Optimove was based on the data-driven approach that it had towards marketing and its AI capabilities. Together, these two features would enable the company to ensure its players stay on and play for a longer period of time in a sustainable manner and also responsibly.

The mood was bright and high at Optimove. The General Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Optimove, Moshe Demri, said they were honored to partner with PressEnter in its quest for large-scale expansion. A good CRM marketing effort was the way to ensure growth, and they had the right tools to make that happen.

What the Optimove Partnership Means for PressEnter 

Partnering with Optimove is a giant step ahead for PressEnter as it looks towards the next stage of growth, having established itself as a reliable casino operator with popular top-of-the-line brands like Neon Vegas, Rapid Casino, Ultra Casino and Just Spin in its kitty of offerings.

The best way to take that next step, as mentioned earlier, is to automate its customer relationship management (CRM) marketing initiatives. And what better way to automate than use the technology of the future – Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

The Optimove Advantage: How AI Helps Improve the CRM Experience 

So how would associating with Optimove help PressEnter improve the CRM experience for its players? This is how it all works out.

The sales force uses mapping software to work on their customers’ CRM data to help improve their experience. The AI component helps improve the speed and accuracy of CRM data tracking. A combination of the predictions achieved through data mapping and data libraries allows for rapid creation of intelligent data maps.

PressEnter would have access to the above-mentioned benefits. That would, in turn, would allow it to manage a large number of multiple player segments simultaneously and also put in place and execute better quality marketing experiences in real time across multiple channels.