Oklahoma Nurse Arrested for Elder Abuse; Made Videos of Abuse and Shared Them on Sanpchat: Police

Three individuals working at a nursing home have been charged with elder abuse. It is alleged that they recorded inappropriate Snapchat videos involving a female patient, including disturbing actions such as playing with her pubic hair, filming people in the bathroom, and making disrespectful comments about a deceased individual.

The incident took place at Golden Age Nursing Home in Guthrie, Oklahoma, which is located approximately 30 miles north of downtown Oklahoma City. Three individuals, McKenzie Bolfa, Aubrey Granata, and Jade Williams, were apprehended by the police towards the end of last month.

The Guthrie Police Department initiated an investigation on April 5 after receiving a Snapchat from Williams, which allegedly depicted Bolfa engaging in inappropriate behavior with a female patient. According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by Law&Crime, the caption requested a mohawk. It is claimed that Williams captured the video while Granata could be heard laughing in the background.

According to authorities, the individual was found without clothing below the waist and remained still. The individual who received the video promptly notified the nursing home administrators, who then contacted the police.

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In an interview with the police, Bolfa mentioned that she was unsure about the reason they wanted to talk to her. She had only heard a rumor about providing perineal care to a patient who had an accident in the bathroom. She insisted that she had no knowledge of any video related to the incident. Bolfa mentioned that she sought assistance from Williams and Granata to tidy up the patient.

When questioned about her actions involving the woman’s pubic hair, Bolfa claimed that she was merely addressing hygiene concerns. Bolfa also mentioned that she was laughing because she and the patient were joking around. She made it clear that patients would be aware of any photographs taken of her in the nursing home.

However, law enforcement officers were skeptical of her explanation.

Authorities examined the mobile devices of all three individuals and discovered additional unsettling videos. The affidavit mentioned that there were several videos depicting patients in intimate situations, such as one showing a close-up of a resident’s genitals and another revealing a woman’s exposed breast.

There is a video that supposedly shows Williams pulling down the patient’s pants, revealing her diaper. According to the affidavit, detectives discovered a photo of Bolfa lying on a bed next to a deceased patient, imitating the woman’s facial expression with her mouth wide open.

Williams is still being held in the Logan County Jail, while the other two suspects have managed to secure their release by posting $50,000 bonds. Their court dates are set for August 8th.

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