NWS Predicts Rain, Thunderstorm and much more for this week in Chicago

Chicago, IL: Chicago is anticipated to have a period of tumultuous weather this week, commencing with precipitation that may commence as early as this afternoon. As to the most recent prediction from the National Weather Service, the maximum temperature today is expected to be slightly over 44 degrees, accompanied by a strong east-northeast wind that may reach speeds of up to 25 mph.

There is an 80% probability of precipitation, indicating that the roadways in Chicago are expected to be slippery with rainfall ranging from a quarter to half an inch.

Do not immediately store the umbrellas, as tonight brings an increased likelihood of thunderstorms. Anticipated temperatures are projected to drop to approximately 40 degrees, accompanied by comparable gusts of wind that will bring a chill to the bones.

The forecasts indicate a 90% probability of precipitation, so anticipate a higher level of moisture tomorrow, maybe resulting in an additional quarter to half an inch of rainfall to augment the pools.

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As we approach Tuesday, the precipitation is expected to persist, with a forecast of prolonged rainfall for the entirety of the day. The temperature is expected to remain at approximately 41 degrees, with a slight decrease due to the presence of breezy circumstances characterized by northeasterly winds ranging from 15 to 20 mph, accompanied by gusts that may exceed 30 mph. There is a 90% probability that the rain will continue, which could result in an additional 25% to 0.5 inches of water being added to an already saturated cityscape.

However, individuals seeking respite should not be complacent, as it is anticipated that Tuesday evening may witness a combination of precipitation, including both rain and snow, commencing after 1 am. This could potentially result in a chaotic transitional phase. In a persistently windy climate, Chicago is expected to experience a decrease in temperatures to approximately 34 degrees, accompanied by gusts reaching speeds of up to 25 mph.

With a decrease in temperature, there is a 70% probability of precipitation, specifically flurries, with the potential for snow accumulation of less than half an inch by morning.

The progress during the midweek period is also lacking. The weather officials have predicted the occurrence of snow on Wednesday, accompanied by a maximum temperature of approximately 37 degrees and intensifying winds, reaching their highest point with gusts reaching 40 mph. There is an 80% chance of snowfall, which will contribute to the wintry weather. Wednesday night teases with a 50% chance of a rain-snow mix before 4 am that could fade into a slight chance of snow afterward.

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By the time we hit Thursday, the sun plays a shy game of peek-a-boo, offering a partly sunny respite and a high around 43 degrees, still haunted by the week’s breeziness. The skies clear up more on Thursday night, and if you’re looking to plan any alfresco activities, the forecast suggests banking on Friday or the weekend. Sunny conditions are on the books with highs progressively climbing from 44 degrees on Friday to a more inviting 51 by Sunday.