Legislation aimed to ban Trans Athletes out of Female Sports Vetoed by Governor in Wisconsin

Madison, WI: Governor Tony Evers vetoed the Republican-supported proposal on Tuesday, which aimed to prohibit transgender athletes from participating in girls’ sports in the state.

In a statement, Evers expressed his intention to use veto power over any legislation that would diminish the safety, inclusivity, and welcoming environment for LGBTQ individuals and children in Wisconsin. Furthermore, he affirmed his commitment to utilizing all possible means to safeguard their rights and ensure their safety.

The legislation aimed to prohibit individuals born male from participating in girls’ sports at the middle school, high school, and college levels.

The plan received approval from Republicans through a party-line vote. Rep. Barb Dittrich, a Republican from Oconjomowoc, authored the document.

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She stated on Tuesday that Evers disregarded biological females and the overwhelming majority of Wisconsin voters by exercising his veto power.

“Today, the governor of Wisconsin, in a repugnant act, vetoed the Save Women’s Sports Act that I co-authored with Senator Daniel Knodl, thereby opposing both federal Title IX and the rights of Wisconsin’s girls,” Dittrich stated. “Although he and his colleagues persist in deceiving our citizens by falsely claiming that this legislation is motivated by hatred and exclusion, they fail to acknowledge that the legislation establishes specific categories for all Wisconsin students, while also ensuring the safety and fairness of our state’s biological girls.”

Transgender athletes are permitted to participate in high school sports in Wisconsin, as regulated by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association.

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According to WIAA regulations, transgender female athletes, who were born male but have transitioned to female, are required to undertake testosterone suppression therapy for one year to be eligible to participate on a female team.

Transgender male athletes, individuals who were assigned female at birth but have undergone a gender transition to male, are required to initiate testosterone supplementation to participate in boys’ teams.

“States throughout the nation may adopt radical policies that specifically target LGBTQ individuals and families, posing a threat to their daily lives and their ability to feel safe, valued, supported, and accepted for their true selves.” According to Evers, as long as he holds the position of governor in this esteemed state, Wisconsin will not be included in that group.

With this disgusting veto, Tony Evers positions himself in opposition to the overwhelming majority of Wisconsin residents. Based on polls conducted by Marquette University Law School, 70% of the residents of Wisconsin expressed their agreement with this legislation.