North Dakota Worst City Update: Stay Safe if You Live in This North Dakota City!

Is the state of North Dakota hazardous? North Dakota is, in fact, among the safest regions in the entire nation. Given the low crime rate in the plains, there are few concerns to have in this area. Despite being regarded as one of the safest states in the country, certain municipalities in North Dakota continue to experience crime rates that surpass the national average.

This roster incorporates data sourced from the FBI. This data is derived from the FBI and census regarding the annual incidence of theft, homicide, assaults, arson, robberies, and other criminal activities in relation to the population. Are you prepared to discover which locations in North Dakota are the safest? (Always prepared, correct?)

Cities Ranked Worst in North Dakota

The Williston

Williston, according to the FBI, is the most perilous location in North Dakota. It has been dubbed a “boomtown,” and individuals travel from far and wide to find employment in the hydrocarbon regions. Also, there was an increase in criminal activity when the population grew. During the most recent year for which data is available, 142 severe crime reports and nearly 600 theft reports were filed. A total of 775 property larceny counts were also accumulated. It may be the worst community in North Dakota.


The following on the list is Fargo. It should come as no surprise that the largest metropolis in the state has a higher crime rate than smaller municipalities.

The Mandan

Analogous to Bismarck, Mandan ranks as the third most perilous municipality in North Dakota. In 2019, the municipality, which had a population of slightly less than 23,000, was the target of 82 violent crimes, 70 aggravated assaults, and nearly 700 property robberies.


The FBI has just released a list of the most dangerous communities in North Dakota. On that list, our state capitol is ranked fourth. Mandan, the third city on the list, and Bismarck both fall within the same metropolitan area; consequently, their crime rates are comparable. The incidence of violent crime has increased in recent years. There were 223 reported incidents of violent crime in 2018. However, incidents such as property larceny have decreased recently.

Devils Lake

With just over 7,000 inhabitants, Devils Lake is one of the smaller localities in North Dakota. Nonetheless, it is positioned fifth on the state’s list of the most perilous locations. The area is rife with real estate larceny and crime, which are among the worst in the state.

Grand Forks

Six communities are the most perilous in the state of North Dakota. On the ranking is the third most populous city in the Peace Garden State. The FBI recorded over 2,700 incidents of property crimes, burglaries, larceny, and auto thefts in the approximately 58,000-person city of Grand Forks over the past year.