New Winter Storm Set To Bring Snow To Northwest This Weekend

As the Pacific Northwest gears up for another winter storm this weekend, residents are facing a mix of anticipation and concern. The incoming storm, set to hit the Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington areas, is forecasted to bring a combination of heavy snow, strong winds, and potentially treacherous conditions.

The Onset of the Storm

According to Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB), a winter storm watch will begin on Friday afternoon, signaling the start of potentially hazardous weather​​. The National Weather Service has indicated that the Coast Range and Willamette Valley could see snow by Friday afternoon, followed by freezing rain into Saturday​​.

This aligns with reports from FOX Weather, highlighting the imminent combination of an Arctic front and a Pacific storm, bringing heavy snow, freezing rain, and powerful wind chills across parts of the Pacific Northwest​​.

Snowfall Projections and Preparations

The weather forecasts paint a vivid picture of the expected conditions. Areas like Floyd County, Howard County, and Winneshiek County have reported snow accumulations ranging from 3.5 to 6.0 inches​​. These numbers suggest significant snowfall, likely impacting travel and daily activities.

Navigating the Hazards

The storm’s potential hazards extend beyond snowfall. The combination of snow, wind, and freezing rain poses significant risks. In the Portland and Vancouver metro areas, snow is expected to impact the Friday evening commute, potentially extending into Saturday morning​​. Furthermore, wind chills could drop to dangerous levels, especially east of the Cascades, with forecasts predicting wind chills as low as -25 to -35 degrees in areas like Spokane, Washington​​.

A Widespread Weather Event

This winter storm is not limited to Oregon and Washington. The National Weather Service has documented snowfall across various counties in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and other parts of the Midwest, highlighting the widespread nature of this weather event​​. This reinforces the need for preparedness and caution across a broader region.


As the Northwest braces for the incoming winter storm, the importance of preparedness and caution cannot be overstated. Residents should stay informed about the latest weather updates and plan accordingly to navigate the challenges posed by this significant weather event. With heavy snow, freezing rain, and strong winds on the horizon, the weekend promises to test the resilience and readiness of the Pacific Northwest.