New bill to abolish Daylight Saving Time introduced by a California Senator

On Sunday morning, our clocks will advance one hour in preparation for daylight saving time. A fresh movement has emerged in California to abolish daylight saving time.

Joined by legislators from Washington and Oregon, State Senator Roger Niello is working to end the long-standing practice of adjusting the clocks.

When we lose daylight saving time in November and go back an hour to standard time, as Niello (R-Roseville) suggested, we should remain in that time zone.

“Sleep experts believe it is more appropriate to our natural clocks,” the senator stated.

More cardiovascular morbidity is linked to the springtime change from standard time to daylight saving time, according to the American Medical Association.

“If my legislation prevails next November, we’ll turn them back again and we’ll never change them again after that,” added Niello.

Quitting the transition has been done before.

With the passage of Proposition 7 in 2018, Californians gave the state the power to alter its daylight saving time—a power that would be subject to congressional approval.

“It also authorized us by simple majority to change to permanent standard time, and that does not require congressional approval,” added Niello.

But there are many who think DST has positive aspects. More light in the evening may have a calming effect on the neighborhood and inspire more people to spend time outside, both of which are good for their mental and physical health.

The passage of this bill, according to Niello, would be a prerequisite for similar legislation in places such as Oregon.