Narcos Mexico Season 2 Star Jesse Garcia worked for 8 months in Mexico and speaks it’s portrayed very bad

Jesse Garcia gets candid in the chat about his character and aspects of the show and plenty more details.

The season 2 has a lot of anticipation because of the famed “White Storm” that Angel Felix Gallardo (Diego Luna) and the “El Padrino” of the Guadalajara cartel warned through the trailer.

 The focus of next season

The main point is, how the Americans would avenge the torture and murder of their own, DEA agent Kiki Camarena.

The finale of season 1 witnessed the infiltration of the American task force. The task force has to find why Camarena was murdered and to destroy Gallardo’s empire.

Leading the task force is DEA agent Walt Breslin acted by Scoot Mcnairy. Gracia portrays Orozco, a DEA agent.

Contrary to the main character, his character is not based on one person in particular rather he is a combination of various DEA agents.

Orozco’s and his team’s task is to “bring down the bad guys.”

He explains further that “the DEA agents, Mexican police and military were formed as a team; who are in search of people who killed Kiki.”

 With a smile, he thinks how much was he allowed to tell before the show’s premiere.

Saying further Garcia said, “so, yes they come across a bunch of stuff that they weren’t planning on seeing across.”

He further states that “both DEA agents and the Mexican police had different protocols; which of course leads to “inner turmoil: and trust issues.”


For season 2 of Narcos: Mexico, Garcia had to put in a lot of work for approximately 8 months in the country.

The actor says, “Mexico is a wonderful & beautiful city” but the media portrays it in a bad manner or state.

The show is based on a true story about the beginning of drug wars in the early ’80s; giving insight to the viewers about the country.

The show is like a documentary cum series on what incidents took place in the 70s,80s,&90s.

The Narcos: Mexico season 2 streams on February 13 on Netflix.