Top 10 Mind-bending Thrillers on Netflix: Movies Like Shutter Island

Almost every type of audience enjoys thrillers that are well-structured and well-paced. Stories’ mind-bending concepts blur the line between truth and fabrication, reality and mere perception.

We accompany the characters as they attempt to make sense of who they are and what they are doing, while external factors (and sometimes internal issues as well) try to undermine their sanity. Martin Scorsese’s thriller Shutter Island, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, and Michelle Williams, is an all-time fan favorite.


Adapted from the same-named book, the narration approaches the genre from a neo-noir psychological standpoint and revolves around Deputy U.S. Marshal Edward “Teddy” Daniels.

With the film receiving widespread critical acclaim and audience adoration, if you want to explore other similar-natured sleek thriller films, we’ve listed movies like Shutter Island that are readily available on Netflix to help new fans watch them without missing anyone.

1. The Girl On The Train

The Girl on the Train is a crime drama produced by Dreamworks Pictures and starring Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, and Rebecca Ferguson. The film, directed by Tate Taylor, was a box-office success, grossing $75,395,035 in the United States of America and Canada.

It’s total worldwide was $173,185,859, with a production budget of $45,000,000. Rachel’s inability to cope with her infertility drove her to drink, causing her marriage with Tom to fail. Rachel, despite being a recovering alcoholic, appears to have lost motivation and stalks her ex-husband, his new wife, and their child on a daily basis.

She also keeps an eye on their neighbors, Scott and Megan, and notices Megan kissing a stranger one day. Rachel finds herself passing out as she prepares to confront Meghan. Rachel wakes up with her head injured and is being investigated for Meghan’s murder.

2. Primal Fear

Gregory Hoblit directed the film Primal Fear, which is a crime drama. The film, which starred Richard Gere, Laura Linney, and Edward Norton (as the main characters), was released in 1996 and ran for 2 hours and 9 minutes.

Martin Vail, a defense lawyer, meets Aaron, a 19-year-old who has murdered beloved Archbishop Rushman, the head of the Catholic diocese in Chicago. Aaron suffers from dissociative identity disorder as a result of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his father and Rushman.

Vail tries to present his case despite Aaron’s mental incapacity, and when the trial begins, more Rushmore crimes are revealed. Vail achieves justice for Aaron, but are things as simple as they appear?

3. Identity

Identity’s box office success is a testament to its brilliance. This film is a must-see for all moviegoers, with a staggering $90,259,536 gross.

It is no surprise that it was well-received by audiences, as directed by James Mangold and starring an incredible cast led by John Cusack, Ray Liotta, and Amanda Peet.

Malcolm Rivers, a death row inmate, has dissociative identity disorder and eleven distinct personalities, one of which committed heinous mass murder. Meanwhile, a group of ten strangers are stranded at a remote motel during a rainstorm, where they are slaughtered in numerical order.

One of the characters in this suspenseful story orchestrates a final twist as Malcolm’s defense attorney argues for his client’s insanity.

4. The Machinist

The Machinist is a drama-thriller film directed by Brad Anderson that was released in 2004.

Scott Kosar (screenplay), Xavi Giménez (cinematography), Patricia Monné, and Maribel Pérez (costumes) are among the crew members. The full-length film grossed over $8,203,235 at the box office and received awards from the Barcelona Film Awards, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival, and the Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival.

Because of his new appearance and behavior, machinist Trevor has grown estranged from his coworkers. He begins a relationship with Maria, an airport diner waitress, and spends time with her son, Nicholas.

Trevor has recurring visions and insomnia, which has harmed his health. He meets an unfamiliar coworker named Ivan, but he has no record in the office. However, Ivan’s presence continues to affect Trevor, forcing him to confront his past.

5. The Game

Do you want to watch a movie? The Game may be a viable option. It has a running time of 2 hours and 9 minutes and was directed by David Fincher. It stars Michael Douglas, Deborah Kara Unger, and Sean Penn and was released in 1997.

Nicholas, a wealthy investment banker, is visited by his younger brother, Conrad, who presents him with a voucher for Consumer Recreation Services, a game company. To participate in the game, Nicholas fills out a form with several psychological and personal questions.

He soon finds himself in a series of difficulties, beginning with his empty bank account, surveillance cameras, and being trapped in a car that has crashed into the sea, prompting him to confront CRS and, in confusion, shoot Conrad.

6. American Psycho

With a $7,000,000 budget, this blockbuster film grossed an impressive $34,266,564 at the box office. This movie, directed by Mary Harron and starring Christian Bale, Justin Theroux, and Josh Lucas, is a must-see for all moviegoers.

Patrick Bateman, a wealthy Wall Street investment banker, is living the American dream. His morning routine consists of earning a fortune to support his lifestyle, spending time with close-knit proverbial beautiful people, and instilling a sense of superiority in him through well-maintained physic and appearance.

Meanwhile, his nighttime routine resembles that of a psychopath, complete with violent and unrestrained fantasies.

7. Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver is a great choice if you want to watch a movie to take your mind off of everything. Martin Scorsese worked on the well-received drama with the help of screenwriter Paul Schrader, cinematographer Michael Chapman, and stars Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, and Cybill Shepherd.

Taxi Driver was one of the best crime-drama movies that came out in 1976. It got an 8.2 rating on IMDb and made about $28,578,902 at the box office.

Travis has severe PTSD from his time in the Vietnam War, so he starts driving a taxi at night to help him sleep. He can’t get his mind off of the crimes in Manhattan, which makes him feel uneasy and tense.

Travis goes to the porn theater often and thinks about getting rid of crime and saving the prostitutes. After being pushed too far, he tries to save a child prostitute named Iris by killing her pimp and client. Iris’s father thanks him for doing this.

8. Memento

Memento, which was released in 2000, is credited with bringing Christopher Nolan well-deserved acclaim. His sharp and assured direction kept the audience captivated for 1 hour and 53 minutes.

Obviously, the film was a financial success at the box office, which pleased its producers. It grossed approximately $40,047,070 worldwide by the end of its theatrical run.

Leonard Shelby, a former insurance investigator, suffers from anterograde amnesia, which prevents him from retaining any memories of recent events. Catherine, his wife, was assaulted and murdered by a man, and his partner attacked Leonard by hitting him in the head before fleeing.

Leonard takes photographs, jots down notes, and gets tattoos to record his memories and keep track of his investigation into his wife’s murderer.

9. Inception

It’s not often that a film as captivating as Inception appears on the big screen. This critically acclaimed film, produced by Zakaria Alaoui, John Bernard, Chris Brigham, Jordan Goldberg, Thomas Hayslip, Christopher Nolan, Kanjirô Sakura, Yoshikuni Taki, Emma Thomas, and Thomas Tull, and directed by Christopher Nolan, has captivated audiences worldwide.

It is not surprising that this film has become a cultural phenomenon, given its stellar cast, led by Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Elliot Page, and its outstanding production values.

Instead of breaking into people’s homes, Dominic Cobb, a fugitive and skilled spy, accesses their minds through their dreams.

Cobb, a fugitive who misses his children, reluctantly agrees when a person asks him not to wire information but to implant a complex process called ‘inception’ in the mind of a CEO in exchange for his return to his children.

10. Fight Club

1999’s Fight Club is a drama film with Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Meat Loaf in the leading roles. David Fincher (director), Jim Uhls (screenplay), Jeff Cronenweth (cinematography), and others make up the talented crew.

The film received an 8.8 rating on IMDb and a score of 66 out of 100 on Metacritic. The narrator, an unnamed young specialist in automobile recalls, is fed up with his dead-end job.

To find a cure, he poses as a disease patient and attends support groups. On the return flight from a business trip, he meets the devil-may-care anarchist philosophical soap salesman Tyler Durden, who convinces him that he is trapped in the consumerism vortex and needs an escape.

The escape consists of creating a Fight Club where men come to fight and beat each other to a pulp in order to find cathartic relief from the fear that modern life instills in them.


If you’re a fan of mind-bending thrillers like “Shutter Island,” there are a number of compelling films on Netflix that you should consider watching. From the psychological suspense of “The Girl on the Train” to the engrossing mysteries of “Identity” and “Primal Fear,” these films will have you on the edge of your seat.

Also recommended are “The Machinist,” “The Game,” “American Psycho,” “Taxi Driver,” “Memento,” “Inception,” and “Fight Club.” The narratives, characters, and suspenseful plot twists in each of these films will leave you questioning reality. Take pleasure in the thrilling journey through these captivating tales!

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