Mother Treated Kids So Brutally in a Store that Other Customers Called Police Over for Intervention in Ohio

Officers were called to the Eastgate Plaza parking lot on May 25 to find a woman brutally hitting her child, who looked to be no more than a year old.

According to four witnesses, the woman slapped a child who fell out of a stroller and told him to quiet down. When one of them talked to the mother, the mother allegedly insulted her and threatened to kill her.

The suspect was caught with a four-week-old baby strapped to her chest and a one-year-old in her car. She didn’t like that people had gotten hostile and called the cops. When asked what happened, she said, “I just pulled him up, so what?” This is my child.

Additionally, the 26-year-old woman from East Cleveland was arrested for endangering a kid and child and protective services were notified.

The grandparents got the kids back at the station.

She had slammed the child into the stroller with force, according to surveillance video from Five Below that was later looked at. Staff at the nearby Juicy Seafood restaurant said the woman had eaten there and yelled obscenities at the kid.

Workers at CVS also said they saw the woman yelling at the child outside the store and said she often asks people for money in the doorway of the store.

Reports say that the woman also hit a child at Papa John’s Pizza in the city in January.

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