Mother Arrested after Giving Birth and then Flushing Infant Down the Toilet in Kentucky

Police in Kentucky say that a woman tried to flush a newborn baby down the toilet at an IHOP restaurant.

A witness called the Bowling Green Police Department on May 29 to say that there was a bleeding woman in the bathroom who may have miscarried and was trying to flush the baby down the toilet. This is what the arrest ticket says.

The police said they found what looked like a “recently born infant in the bathroom,” but the report says the baby was already dead when they got there.

The 35-year-old suspect ran away on foot when she found out that the cops had been called, the report says. Police said she was found standing in the parking lot of a Red Roof Inn that was close to an IHOP.

Police say the woman denied being pregnant or giving birth and refused to be checked out by a doctor.

Police said she told them she was from New York and was “in town on business,” but she couldn’t give them her home address or any other information about why she was in Kentucky.

Police say that because they were worried about the woman’s safety, they took her into custody for an emergency mental health exam.

She was charged with hiding the fact that she had given birth.

So far, the police have said that “an autopsy is pending.” If more is found out about what happened, the woman could face more charges.

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