Glen Powell’s “Hitman” Netflix Trailer Reveals Action-Comedy with Love and Deceit

Glen Powell is back on the screen. But with a mix of goofball. The new “Hitman” has every genre in it, Noir, screwball comedy, and thriller.

Instant chemistry develops between Powell’s character, phony hitman Gary Johnson, and Adria Arjona’s character, prospective client Madison. However, their blossoming romance is shattered when they uncover a web of deceit.

In the end, it’s all about relationships, as Linklater explained to Netflix: “Ultimately, it’s a relationship movie.”

An unbelieveable factual story inspires a straight-laced professor to discover he has a secret ability as a phony hit guy. He meets his match in a client who wins his heart and sets off a chain reaction of deception, delight, and identity confusion.

The film was inspired by a Texas Monthly story by Skip Hollandsworth. Gary Johnson, Powell’s character, was a real person who worked as a fake contract killer for the cops. Johnson has since died.

On June 7, Hit Man will be available on Netflix in some countries, after having a restricted release in theaters earlier that week.

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