Morbius the Living Vampire just got a major upgrade

Ahead of his feature film debut after this season, Morbius the Living Vampire only got a significant update in the webpages of Marvel Comics. Unlike a lot of other characters, because he debuted in the 1970s Morbius has maintained a consistent appearance sporting a black outfit and cape with characteristics of fingers and a vampire and ears. The new show starring”The Living Vampire” from author Vita Ayala and performer Marcelo Ferreira has altered the status quo at a really spectacular manner. It is uncertain if this switch to Morbius’ structure will probably be irreversible but you can learn the way he appears below!

Spoilers for Morbius #4 under!

From the show, Morbius was on a quest to rid himself of his vampiric condition (as per normal ) but this time has found himself mixing all sort of unidentified compounds and compounds to get the wanted effect. The issue watched him inject himself and produce a formulation, but it did not have the intended impact and made Morbius more of a vampire than previously as Morbius shows.

Morbius is much larger than he’s been previously, as you can see. He has bat wings. Morbius has been able to fly though everybody will see him arriving these wings make that simpler. Frankly he resembles a cross between The Unbelievable Hulk and the Bat-Gremlin out of Gremlins 2: The New Batch. It feels like he will be maintaining this appearance for a while as the solicitations for Morbius #5 and #6 suggestion in his appearance.

Jared Leto will look as the titular Morbius in Sony Pictures’ movie based on the personality but do not anticipate his take on the personality to be the sort of behemoth. That is not to say he will not seem have Morbius’ conventional style for the film, since the first trailer completely revealed his appearance for the film.

“Wait till you find the way he seems, what we have done on this personality, you may love it,” producer Avi Arad stated at a prior interview. “There are several other fantastic characters along the way, also. You may see. We are only getting started”

“That is the wonderful thing for us today, an actor like [Leto], along with a celebrity like [Venom celebrity ] Tom [Hardy] desired to have their particular personality. However, the personality they love,” he added in another interview. “Both of these, really difficult for them to perform a picture. You can’t get them. We moved , we sat with them, and we were told by everyone,’Oh, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba.’ Nothing. That is exactly what he wanted to perform. We went to the place together, and he only…good actors wish to be different than they are.”