Morbius the Living Vampire Is Set for Marvel Debut with All-New Look

Ahead of his feature film debut this year, Morbius the Living Vampire just got a major upgrade in the pages of the Marvel Comics.

Unlike so many other famous characters, since he debuted in the 1970’s Morbius has mostly maintained a consistent look throughout the history, wearing a tattered black outfit and cape with some facial features of a vampire and elongated fingers and ears.

The very new series starting The Living Vampire from the writer named Vita Ayala and the artist Marcelo Ferreira has changed the status quo in a very dramatic way.

It is very much unclear that this change to Morbius’ physiology will be permanent.

In the series, it is said that Morbius has been on a quest to rid himself of his vampiric condition as per usual, but this time around has found himself mixing all kinds of unknown compounds and also some chemicals to get his desired effect.

The previous issue saw him create a new formula and then inject himself with it, but then as Mobius #4 reveals, it did not have the intended effect on him and then actually made Morbius even more vampire than before.

In the pictures that they have revealed, we can see that Morbius has become more huge and dangerous. Further, he has actual bat wings growing out of his back.

Morbius has always been able to fly but these wings perhaps make that, even more, easier, though everyone will see him coming.

It is said that he looks like a cross between The Incredible Hulk and also the Bat Gremlin from the Gremlins 2. It seems like that he will be keeping the look for at least a while as the solicitations for Mobius #5 and #6 hint at monstrous appearance.

Jared Leto will be appearing as the titular Mobius in the Sony Pictures’ upcoming film based on the character but we don’t expect his take on the character to be kind of vampiric behemoth seen in the pictures. The trailer of it is also out in the social media platforms.