Mom and Boyfriend Arrested for Molesting 7-year-old Daughter Several Times; Doctors found Severe Bruising Down There

Officials from the police department stated that the male, who was subsequently identified as William, was 48 years old, and the mother of the kid, Brandy, who was 43 years old, were brought into jail and later charged with five charges of rape of a minor each.

In addition, officials from the police department stated that both suspects are suspected of committing separate offenses against a little girl who was under the age of ten over the course of over a year.

According to the statement, Brandy’s daughter, who is seven years old, was subjected to approximately five instances of sexual assault. According to the officials, the initial assault has been alleged to have taken place during the first week of December 2022.

It has been revealed that all five of the alleged instances of sexual assault occurred within the confines of Brandy’s residence.

The mother, who is 43 years old, is said to have given William permission to commit the alleged rapes while she remained in the room and witnessed the assaults as per the authorities.

An individual who was concerned about probable misbehavior was the one who initially informed the authorities. Both suspects are still being held without bond, and they are due to appear in court on Wednesday for a probable cause hearing.

Donald, who claims to be Brandy’s brother and the victim’s uncle, has established a personal fundraising page on the website GoFundMe. The arrest of my (former) sister and her boyfriend on September 13, 23 resulted in each of them being charged with five charges of child rape against my niece, who is seven years old.

The outcome of their trial will determine whether or not we are granted temporary custody, and we are in the process of relocating my niece to live with us. The page claimed that once they have been found guilty and sentenced to incarceration, our objective is to pursue complete permanent custody of them, with the hope that they will remain there for life.

The uncle also stated in his letter that the cash that was raised would be used to assist the victim in overcoming the traumatic experiences she endured during her childhood and beginning a new life that is free from abuse.