Missouri Man Lands in Jail after He tried to Lure 10-year-old with a Candy: Authorities

Around the beginning of this week, a man who is currently facing a felony charge for enticing a kid is said to have targeted a girl who was ten years old with a popsicle.

On Thursday, the authorities issued a warrant for the arrest of Tyrone Brown, who is 34 years old, following the alleged contact that occurred the previous day.

The woman was reportedly strolling down a street while eating a popsicle when Brown approached her in his vehicle, as stated in the court documents that were obtained by FOX 2. According to reports, he instructed the victim to “Come here” while leaning out of a car window. Step into the vehicle.

Although the victim made an attempt to flee from the vehicle, they were pursued for a while because they were being followed. In the end, she got in touch with her parents, who subsequently got in touch with the authorities.

According to the records filed before the court, Brown admitted that he had been drinking throughout the entire day before approaching the girl.

Regarding the criminal case that Brown is facing, an arraignment hearing is slated to take place on Friday.

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