Michigan, remember to turn this off before the real winter comes

As winter approaches in Michigan, residents need to be proactive in preparing their homes for the cold months ahead. The arrival of winter brings not just a picturesque snow-covered landscape but also a set of challenges that require attention to avoid damage and ensure safety.

This article delves into the essential steps Michiganders should take to winterize their homes, focusing on key areas such as outdoor water supply, air conditioning units, swimming pools, and garden equipment.

Winterizing Outdoor Water Supply

One of the most crucial steps in preparing for winter in Michigan is turning off the outdoor water supply. This includes garden hoses, sprinkler systems, and any other outdoor water sources. The importance of this step cannot be overstated.

If these water sources are left on, the water inside can freeze, leading to burst pipes. The resulting damage can be extensive and expensive to repair. To avoid such a scenario, residents should ensure that all outdoor water sources are shut off and drained before the temperatures plummet.

Managing Air Conditioning Units

While it might seem obvious, turning off air conditioning units is an important step in winter preparation. This not only helps in conserving energy but also prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the system.

In addition, covering the outdoor units is essential to protect them from snow and ice, which can cause damage over the winter months. This simple step can prolong the life of the air conditioning units and save on repair costs.

Closing Swimming Pools for Winter

For residents who have swimming pools, it is imperative to close them properly for the winter. This process includes balancing the water chemistry, lowering the water level, draining all equipment, and securely covering the pool.

Properly winterizing a swimming pool is essential to protect it from the harsh winter elements and to ensure that it remains in good condition for the next summer. It also helps in preventing the accumulation of debris and potential damage from freezing temperatures.

Taking Care of Garden Equipment

Garden equipment, often overlooked, also needs attention before winter sets in. Items like lawnmowers and weed whackers should be cleaned, serviced, and stored away.

Leaving these items exposed to the cold not only risks damage from the harsh weather but also can significantly reduce their lifespan. Proper maintenance and storage of garden equipment are essential for their longevity and effectiveness in the following seasons.


The transition into winter in Michigan demands proactive measures to safeguard homes and equipment against the challenges posed by the cold weather. Taking the time to turn off and winterize outdoor water supplies, air conditioning units, swimming pools, and garden equipment can save a lot of trouble and expense when spring arrives.

By following these steps, Michiganders can ensure a warm and safe winter season, free from the worries of home maintenance issues arising from the cold weather.

As the snowflakes begin to fall and the landscape transforms into a winter wonderland, residents can rest easy knowing they have taken the necessary steps to protect their homes and belongings. Embracing these winterizing tasks not only preserves the integrity of one’s property but also embodies the spirit of preparedness and resilience that is characteristic of Michigan’s communities.