Man Struck Dead By Train At 110 MPH in Vero Beach, Florida

Vero Beach, FL: A tragic incident occurred in Florida on Monday night, where a man lost his life after being struck by a Brightline train while walking on the tracks, according to authorities.

A collision took place around 10 p.m. near Highlands Drive in Indian River County.

According to reports, Wesley Ducheneaux, 29, was walking on the train tracks in a southern direction while the train was headed north at a speed of 110 mph.

The train’s engineer, who was responsible for the safety of the 61 passengers on board, reported to the Indian County Sheriff’s Office that he applied the emergency stop when he spotted Ducheneaux. However, despite his efforts, the train still collided with him.

Authorities discovered the lifeless body of the 29-year-old near the railroad tracks.

All passengers on the train emerged unharmed from the incident. Yet another Brightline train was dispatched to the location to collect the passengers and resume their journey.

The investigation into the crash is still ongoing. Another death has occurred in a recent Brightline train crash, adding to a series of similar incidents in the past few weeks. Tragic accidents claim lives at railroad crossing on high-speed train’s Miami to Orlando route.

Multiple crashes occurred at a crossing along the U.S. 1 corridor in Melbourne, on Florida’s Atlantic coast, where the high-speed train passes through on its daily routes to and from South Florida. Since Brightline launched the 160-mile extension connecting South Florida and Orlando in September, there have been five fatalities.

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